Rebecca's Story

Late 30's

What makes you feel beautiful? 

My heart and soul revolves around my healing practice in Boulder, Somadi Mind & Body, where I offer energy healing, somato-emotional bodywork, and intuitive coaching. I dreamed of having a business in a beautiful environment where I could use the beauty of ritual to hold a loving space for my clients to feel blessed and precious. I find that this is the type of container that allows people to heal. Energy work has always been the most fascinating thing to me because it illuminates the beauty that we are that we oftentimes don’t know how to see. It’s magic!  

What are some unique parts of your life story you want to share?

Since I was a teen, aesthetic was a necessary component of my life. I needed the beauty around me to reflect the beauty I wanted to see in the world. I wanted my life to be lived as a prayer, and self-care being a sacred ritual that holds meaning and symbolism. Most of my life I felt beautiful, except that I have worn makeup daily to cover up bad skin for as long as I can remember. When I moved to Colorado 6 years ago, my skin got even worse with tons of age spots and a new, deep ravine under my eyes that made me look tired and old in a way I never had seen myself before.

How do you feel we've helped you to "Live Confidently"?

When looking for the Halo laser to use, I found Sonata! They suggested under-eye filler also, which I had never heard of, and suggested IPL for my skin as well. To my surprise, I ended up doing fat grafting for my under-eyes so that it would last much longer (it wasn’t painful at all) and I look sooooo much younger. I feel hot again! We used my stem cells from the fat transfer to micro-needle into my face. I also did the Halo laser, 2 IPL lasers, filler around the mouth, as well at the Vitalize Peel. Everyone notices the difference- my age spots are gone, my nose somehow looks smaller, I look fresher, brighter and more youthful by far. With the skincare Laurel suggested, I don’t break out anymore, which is the first time I’ve experienced that since my teens!

Would you recommend us, and why?

The Sonata team is soooo welcoming, kind, funny, respectful and go out of their way to make you feel more confident and happy. Dr. Janowski is very caring and knowledgeable and makes a point to make all of the work I’ve had done look totally natural. Sonata is the best! With their focus on your genuine happiness as a road to beauty, I have found a deep trust in them.

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