Jessica's Story

Painter - Mid 40's

I feel my best/ beautiful when I paint ( completely losing track if time...or when I'm at a yoga class moving with the flow...also, I like being out in a crowd of people...enjoying the company and conversation of others...dressing up and looking my best.But just as much as all of that, I also enjoy cuddling with my children, and watching movies in sweats all weekend long.

It's complex, yes? I am a compilation of many things.

I feel beautiful inside and out.I paint. I have a vivid imagination that keeps me creating...I try to have fun, and take care of myself, but just like everyone else I age and gravity takes an edge. Being in the art industry, I like to think of myself ALSO as a palette...full of potential for the future. Keeping up with that is easier with the best and latest in skin care.

I live confidently knowing I'm treating myself right...a gluten free diet, exercise & to maintain my anti-gravity routine I have a fantastic Doctor (Dr. Janowski) & and his team who keep me posted on the latest products and procedures that help me look younger and feel radiant...reflecting what I feel inside.I would absolutely recommend Sonata to a friend. I've been treated like family, always feeling very welcome and honored. I feel very sure that the procedures I get are beneficial to the anti-aging fact I feel I've turned back the clock to a more comparable age to how I feel.

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