Besides going under the knife and getting a surgical facelift, until now, there’s never been a good way to address those sagging jowls.

There’s nothing nice about it, and flabby skin along the jawline is a major culprit in looking old. Over time, gravity takes its hold, loosening and drooping our skin, resulting in a sagging appearance that has, until recently, been basically impossible to correct without surgery.

Yes, fillers are amazing, lifting and contouring our cheeks and upper face. And Botox® and Dysport® can address our wrinkled brows and crows-feet.

And now finally, we have Silhouette Threads to truly refine the jawline. Instantly lifting the saggy skin in the jowls and pulling it mildly taunt, these threads have an amazing yet natural effect. Our patients who have undergone the procedure look immediately younger.

The threads themselves are made of PLGA, the same substance used in Sculptra, and dissolve over time, leaving behind your own newly created collagen. They have bi-directional, tiny cones that do the lifting under the skin, and also stimulate collagen growth.

Finally – A Great Non-Surgical Option to Eliminate Jowls

Unlike a surgical procedure, there’s little downtime with this sort of jowl lift. That said, some patients report some discomfort during the procedure, while others report none. Every patient is different. If you experience any discomfort, please always bring it up with the Doctor. Our goal is 100% patient satisfaction, every time.

Results are immediate – you leave our office with a tighter and firmer-looking jawline. Popular in Europe for years, this revolutionary treatment is just making its way across “the pond.” Dr. Janowski has become an expert in thread procedures and now trains other doctors across the country in their use.

Silhouette threads are truly a middle-ground between what fillers or over the skin, heat-based treatments (like Ultherapy) can do, and a surgical jowl lift.

Perhaps best of all, results are long-lasting, with effects noticeable for as long as 18 months. Also, the threads are comprised of the same ingredient as one of our favorite fillers,  Sculptra. The lactic acid in the threads actually helps your body naturally regenerate collagen. This is why the look is both natural and long-lasting.

The jowl lift visit can take from 30 minutes to an hour.

Firstly, Dr. Janowski will explain the process and what he’s going to do. He’ll then inject Lidocaine throughout the treatment area. Some patients find these injections a bit painful, while most report not feeling anything at all.  The threads are then inserted into the lower face. Once again, some patients report no sensation while others report a clicking sound and an uncomfortable “tight” feeling. Patients who report any discomfort also note that it diminishes within hours. And, sometimes there can be a sore feeling for a few days. Also, in some cases, patients do report bruising, so we suggest you plan your visit during an appropriate time (not the day before your daughter’s wedding, for example).

You’ll leave our office looking and feeling younger, maybe even as good as young as you feel inside.

Contact our office at 303.469.0064 to schedule a consultation, and learn how we can eliminate your jowls with a minimally invasive thread jowl lift!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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