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A young girl in a beauty salonSkin Rejuvenation technologies help turn back the clock, using cutting-edge technology to address many skin care concerns. Laser, IPL, and micro-needling technology can improve skin tone, texture, color, and laxity — giving our patients the natural, youthful appearance they desire.

The results from skin rejuvenation technologies (like fractional lasers and IPL Photofacials) vary greatly depending on the skill of the practitioner. These devices have many settings and are highly flexible in the hands of a skilled physician.

Make your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Janowski today to discuss how skin rejuvenation technologies can help you achieve your anti-aging goals.

DOT Fractional Laser

The DOT Fractional Laser uses proven fractional laser technology to resurface the skin. Unlike the older fractional lasers, the DOT uses a small dot-like pattern to create smaller micro-injuries to the skin. These micro-injuries promote skin healing and collagen regrowth. Our patients experience tighter, more even, and less wrinkled skin after DOT laser therapy. Best of all, most patients only need one treatment, and with proper aftercare, results can last up to 5 years!

IPL Photofacials

IPL Photofacials use light to bring discoloration (freckles, sun damage, and age spots) to the surface. This discoloration then flakes off, leaving you with a refreshed and even skin tone.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, like Dr. Janowski, IPL can also fade broken capillaries, rosacea, melisma, and other skin concerns.

IPL works best as a series of 3 treatments, spaced 3 weeks apart. With this series, our patients look dramatically younger, need less make-up, and love their clearer, more even skin tone.

Skin Care Products

Good, medical-grade skin care can enhance the results of any cosmetic treatment. Our highly-trained staff can work with you to develop a medical skin care regimen that support, enhances, and prolongs the results of any procedure.

*Results may vary from patient to patient