Next Level Vampire (Plasma) Facials!

We were one of the first medical aesthetic practices in Colorado to offer the Plasma facial (a.k.a. the Vampire Facial), and it has long been one of our patient’s favorite treatments. The plasma facial involves microneedling your own platelet rich plasma into your skin. Microneedling uses a small pen-like device with very thin, fast moving needles that drive a product into your skin. The idea is that by creating tiny micro-injuries, and then infusing them with your own most healing agent – plasma – you stimulate collagen production, wound-healing, and skin rejuvenation. Our patients love it for the improvements they see in skin texture and tone. We have also used microneedling to resolve small scars and discolorations.

The plasma itself is hydrating and you will notice a glow post-procedure.

There is minimal downtime – and you may notice 1-2 days of redness and skin sensitivity. Most patients leave the office with no obvious signs that they had a treatment performed. We do recommend you keep the Plasma on your face for a few hours post-treatment, and so you may appear a bit shiny when you leave the office.

We are excited to be able to “upgrade” our plasma facial with the use of PRFM, or platelet rich fibrin matrix. PRFM involves a more advanced way of separating and purifying your plasma – making sure you have your highest concentration of platelets. This is done by using a more sophisticated filtering system which concentrates your plasma and removes the maximum number of red and white blood cells from the mix. This means you are getting a better product.

Additionally, the platelets are suspended in a “matrix” or “scaffold” which allows them to collect and better infuse and penetrate in to your skin. You have more platelets in the mix and they are working longer than with traditional PRP. By using PRFM, we are able to give our patients a better result and a superior treatment.

Plasma is collected with an easy, in-office blood draw. Your blood is then “spun down” using a centrifuge and proprietary tubes that separate platelets from red and white blood cells. That golden-hued and clear plasma is then used for the microneedling procedure.

*Results may vary from patient to patient