The stem cell facial is one of our most exciting treatment options for skin rejuvenation. It’s a Hollywood favorite because it hydrates and revitalizes the skin – leaving your skin with a glow. The treatments combines the power of your own stem cells, found in your fat, with the collagen-inducing effects of microneedling.
A very small amount of your own fat is removed from your body by Dr. Janowski. The area is numbed, and a small cannula is used to draw out a small amount of fat. The amount used is not noticeable enough to leave an indent or irregularity, and the technique used to remove it is quick and almost painless.
The fat is then processed using a series of ever smaller filters – until just your purified, viscous nano-fat remains. Your nano-fat is the smallest particle size and contains stem cells – which are then used to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. We think of it as sort of a super-charged, superior plasma or PRFM facial.
The nano-fat is then microneedled into your skin – using a small, pen-like device with thin, rapidly moving needles. This allows the stem cells to penetrate into your skin, healing small skin irregularities, hydrating your skin and generating collagen.
The effect is a radiant glow and a healthy looking complexion.
We sometimes combine your nano-fat with PRFM (Platelet Rich Fiber Matrix) for a double-dose of healing and rejuvenation.
The stem-cell facial procedure can be repeated – and you should have minimal downtime. You will have some soreness in the area where the fat was extracted and a small entry point that, with proper care, should resolve easily – and you may have some redness and sensitivity to your face for 24-28 hours. We do advice you avoid strenuous exercise for a few days as you heal.
A stem cell facial is a fantastic add on to a Tickle Liposuction treatment – as you are already removing fat and have more than enough to process for a stem cell facial. You can also add a stem cell facial on to a fat transfer procedure – to multiply the skin rejuvenating powers of your own stem cells.

*Results may vary from patient to patient