Meet our beautiful spokesmodels!

We are proud to announce that we are now an official sponsor of Miss Colorado, Miss Teen Colorado, Miss Wyoming, and Miss Teen Wyoming! We’re blessed to be working with these great organizations and these amazing women! Stay tuned for more info, images, and videos!

Hillary Cruz, Miss Teen USA 2007

Hilary Cruz, former Miss Teen USA, now actress, model, and Grammy presenter trusts her face to us! And we are so grateful! Read her glowing review below:

hilary cruz miss teen usa sonata laserDr Janowski and Hilary Cruz“If you are reading this then good work because you have truly found a wonderful place and doctor. For me my face and skin is vital to my work. I am a Former Miss Teen Colorado and then Miss Teen USA. And, since winning my title in 2007 I have been an actress and model in Los Angeles. Having healthy, even skin is crucial especially because the cameras are high def!! Since I have begun my treatments with Dr. Janowski I have had truly had remarkable results. The doctor is very skilled and is one of the top doctors in the US for fillers! For preventative reasons, and with a practical hand Dr. Janowski performs Botox® and a little bit of filler in small areas around my face. Minimal amounts only to enhance and preserve. Laurel is the skin care guru in the office and she has introduced me to a new skincare routine I do at home, as well as chemical peels. I had never had peels before and have sensitive skin, but she customized the treatments especially for my skin type and I have had great improvement in the tone, texture, fine lines and pore size of my skin. The newest thing I have begun to incorporate into my routine is B12! Krystyna gives it to me and it’s painless and quick and the benefits have been apparent. My energy improves, and if I feel like I’m getting sick, it helps get back to health. The entire office is gorgeous and the products they stock are medical grade and innovative. Living in La and getting treatments in Colorado is actually worth it because of how reasonably priced everything is and frankly the more attentive the staff. If you have skin issues, or just want to get a confidence boost, please go see Dr. Janowski. He will embrace the uniqueness of your own features and customize a plan that is natural and proactive. I’m lucky I found this office and I recommend them to all my family and friends. I hope you find this helpful!”

Kylie Hurd, Miss Colorado US International 2014

Miss Colorado & Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss My name is Kylie Hurd and I’m Miss Colorado US International 2014. As a pageant contestant and titleholder, facial beauty and good skin are absolutely essential. For this reason, I am thrilled to have found Sonata Aesthetics. I’ve been working with Dr. Janowski and the rest of the Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss team since October of 2013 and with their help I achieved a long-time goal of mine— becoming Miss Colorado US International. By working with them, I’m always prepared to look my best whenever I have a competition, modeling job or appearance.

My experience at Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss has been top-notch. The environment of their office is so inviting, family oriented and relaxing. Everything they do is grade A and I feel as if they are fully invested in every one of their client’s personal goals. The phenomenal quality of their work noticeably sets them apart.

I, personally, love working with their entire staff and look forward to every visit. Every time I leave their office feeling more beautiful and confident than when I arrived! I’d choose Sonata Aesthetics over their competitors hands-down because of the overall experience I get when I work with them. Their genuine excitement for me when I won my title made me feel like family and I’m so grateful to have their full support.

I would highly recommend Sonata Aesthetics services and products to any that ask, as I’m confident that they will exceed anyone’s expectations just as they have mine!

Our wonderful spokesmodel, Kylie, wins 4th runner up in Miss US International. Go Kylie!

Learn more about Kylie and her work with Colorado students by visiting her facebook page.


Candlelynn Snell: Fitness Model and National Spokesperson

JO14-12For the past 16 years I have been blessed with an amazing career as a spokesmodel and corporate representative.

I’ve traveled a lot and have seen most of this beautiful country of ours. I do trainings and presentations that often have me under harsh lighting – so I need to take extra special care of my skin. I’m also the very proud mom of two very busy boys . That keeps me on my toes for sure!

In addition I’ve added Fitness Trainer and Figure Competitor to my resume. Looking the part on stage is crucial and great skin is a must! In order to look my best I eat right, exercise and see Dr. Janowski! He’s been my secret weapon for looking more beautiful!

Learn more about Candlelynn by visiting her LinkedIn page


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