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Dysport is, first and foremost, a medical treatment. The cosmetic applications were discovered only by accident when using it medically. Although men can certainly benefit from the cosmetic applications of Dysport, many men come to us for Dysport injections in a medical context, such as treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) or headaches.

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Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating) Treatment with Dysport*

Hyperhidrosis can be a nuisance. Sweating has its place. When you’re on the beach or after a great workout, a healthy sweat feels good. But if you’re just trying to get through a normal workday or out on a date, you don’t want to be wearing drenched clothes. It’s unattractive, can smell, and may give people the wrong impression that you’re excessively nervous or afraid.

Unfortunately, hyperhidrosis is a fact of life for many men. You have overactive sweat glands that produce sweat even if you’re not hot or nervous. This can be over your entire body, or just in certain places like your armpits or hands. The good news is that Botox® injections can calm these sweat glands so that you will only sweat during appropriate circumstances.

Headache Treatment with Dysport

Tension headaches are the most common kind of headaches. Tense muscles become sore themselves, or they can put pressure on nerves or blood vessels, leading to pain that isn’t in the muscles. They can even trigger more serious headaches like migraines.

Dysport injections help relax tense muscles to reduce the severity or frequency of headaches. For some people, regular Dysport injections can even eliminate tension headaches entirely.

Dysport Cosmetic Injections to Look Younger and Healthier*

There are some definite advantages to being an older man in the workplace. Experience, judgment, and hard-earned connections all give you an edge. But that edge is severely undermined if people think you are tired and bitter. You need people to know when they look at you that you still have the drive and the inspiration to use your advantages.

Unfortunately, many symptoms of facial aging can make you look just worn out and angry, even if you’re rested and happy. This is because your facial muscles are tensing habitually, making parts of expressions that you make regularly. It’s like other kinds of muscle memory—like, say, learning to drive a car or make a jump shot—your muscles have learned what they need to do and do it without you consciously asking them, only they do it too much. Dysport Cosmetic injections tell these muscles to “chill out” and only tense when you want them to.

If you are a man looking for Dysport in Denver, Broomfield, or Westminster, Sonata can help. Please contact us today whether you’re looking for a cosmetic or medical treatment with Dysport.

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