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Do you have deep folds in your face that make you look even older than you are? Are you unhappy with a face that looks gaunt, tired, and old? The problem is that as we age, our face loses volume. It can also happen if you’re working out to get rid of flab elsewhere in your body, but your face suffers. Facial folds can be filled to eliminate their appearance, and lost volume can be restored so you get an appearance of youthful energy.

If you are concerned about facial folds and hollows that keep you from looking your best, Sonata Aesthetics can help with injectable fillers for men in Broomfield, Westminster, and Denver. Please call 303.469.0064 or email us today to schedule your appointment.

Parentheses Lines around the Mouth*

One of the most common early signs of facial aging are nasolabial folds, sometimes called smile lines or parenthesis lines because they are curved lines that look like parentheses around the mouth. These lines are caused in part by repeated folding of the tissue around the mouth. Over time, this folding displaces the fat and other tissue in this area to create depressions.

Facial fillers like Restylane can fill in these depressions to effectively erase some of the marks the years have left on your face.

Eliminate Bags under the Eyes and Look Refreshed*

Have you noticed that people are starting to ask why you’re so tired even when you’re feeling fresh and spry? One of the reasons why might be the presence of bags under your eyes (another might be contracted brows that can be treated with Dysport injections).

Bags under your eyes are rarely discolored skin. Typically, they’re something caused a tear trough deformity, when volume is lost under the eyes, creating a hollow area that is shadowed and may have a definite border. Restylane and other injectable fillers can be used to restore lost volume in this area, giving you a refreshed appearance.

Keep a Healthy Facial Appearance*

A lean appearance can be good, to a point, but after that point you can look much older than your true age—and how you feel. Restylane and other injectable fillers can be used to restore lost volume in your face so you achieve the perfect balance: lean, yes; hungry, yes, but not tired or frail.

Facial fillers can help you balance your appearance. You can get those toned and well-defined abs or fit, runner’s physique without looking emaciated or old. Restylane is a facial filler that is designed to be tough enough to give good support when restoring volume to the cheeks.

There are a lot of benefits for men who use facial fillers. If you are looking for injectable fillers in Denver, Westminster, or Broomfield, please contact Sonata Aesthetics today for an appointment.

*Results may vary from patient to patient