Getting rid of unwanted hair on the back, shoulders, and chest

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Laser Hair Reduction is an extremely popular procedure for our male patients. Maybe you have unwanted back hair or the unattractive in-grown hairs on your neck or lower face? Maybe you are an elite athlete who wants hairless legs to improve your performance? We can help you achieve those goals with Laser Hair Reduction at Sonata.

Laser Hair Reduction is easy, relatively painless, and fast. It is done as a series (usually 6 session) because hair grows in cycles, and you are never able to permanently destroy all your hair with just one treatment. That being said, you should notice a reduction in hair immediately following your first appointment.

One of our newer offerings if a beard package, which can remove hair on the lower neck (both front and back) and reduce the occurrance of ingrown hairs, giving you an easy-to-maintain and neat looking beard.

hair removal for men in denver colorado

Laser Hair Reduction has been around for many years, and is a safe and effective treatment. In fact, it is the most popular medical aesthetic treatment in the world. A beam of light attaches itself to pigment in the hair follicle and uses heat to destroy the follicle, greatly reducing hair regrowth.

While you can never destroy all hair forever, Laser Hair Removal can be a confidence-boosting and long-lasting treatment that improves your quality of life. Maintenance treatments can be done annually to keep up your hair-less results.

We are proud to offer competitive pricing and exceptional treatment for laser hair removal in our Broomfield, Colorado office! We would be happy to design a custom Laser Hair Reduction package to remove your unwanted hair…. wherever it is. For more information on laser hair removal, call Sonata Laser Aesthetics at 303.469.0064 or request an appointment online

*Results may vary from patient to patient