On January 13, 2016 I decided to get my first Kybella treatment. I’ve been bothered by submental fullness (or as I call it, my double chin) for years. I’ve seen Kybella dramatically change the jawlines of my patients – and I have been wanting to try it myself.

Kybella is the first injectable treatment to destroy fat cells in the treated area. These fat cells are then processed by your body and are gone forever. Patients are left with a tighter jawline. The injections are quick and easy – I’ve done many cases, and the only side affect is generally some swelling and tenderness in the treated area for a few days after treatment. The procedure is generally repeated 2 or 3 times, to perfect results, and I ask patients to wait about 6 weeks in between treatments to make sure all swelling has resolved and we can see progress in the treated area.

I look forward to sharing my results and my experience with the treatment over the next several weeks. I encourage you to try Kybella if fullness under your chin is an area of concern.

kybella in denver coloradoTreatment Day: I could barely feel the injections due to the topical lidocaine cream. After each injection, I felt some aching pain and discomfort that lasted 1-2 minutes. I had no bruising or bleeding. Immediately following treatment, swelling and fullness was seen, as well as some tenderness. I iced the area for several hours, which helped. Overall, pretty quick and easy

Day after treatment: Soreness and some surface numbness is present. The area looks bigger than immediately after treatment, but discomfort quite a bit less. I only took one dose of ibuprofen 400mg. No bruises.

Day two: Minimal discomfort. Only felt if I palpate the area. Swelling a bit less than the day before. Numbness of the skin is still there. Quite a strange feeling when I shave, as I cannot feel it! Most people don’t seem to notice the swelling unless I point it out.

Day three – and beyond: My swelling seems to have almost completely resolved – and I only feel some tenderness if I press on the treated area.

I look forward to seeing a contraction of the skin and reduction of fullness as the weeks progress.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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