We are loving our lashes at Sonata Aesthetics!

We are so excited to welcome Lash Stylist Kerrie Clayton to Sonata Aesthetics.  Kerrie brings a wealth of experience and expertise from many years “lashing” the ladies of Cherry Creek!

For your most dramatic results, consider a set of lash extensions. Kerrie has advanced certification in Xtreme Lash, the best-in-the-industry brand of extensions.  I had my Xtreme lashes applied a few weeks ago and am officially addicted!  In your first appointment, Kerrie will discuss how dramatic you wish to go and will recommend either a half or a full set. She measures your natural lashes to pick the best length. Xtreme extensions are adhered directly onto your own lash.  The whole process takes a few hours. Lay back, close your eyes, and RELAX!  When you open those eyes again, you will be amazed by the transformation. After a few weeks of natural growth, the adhesive will begin to loosen and the lashes will fall off without harming your own precious lashes below.  To maintain your look, you will need to come back for a re-lash every few weeks as your lashes shed. Prices start at $150 for a half-set, $200 for a full-set and re-lash pricing starts at $55.  Kerrie also sells re-lash packages which offer a great discount.  I rocked my new full-set of Xtreme lashes at a downtown birthday party last week.  Those lashes look amazing in person, and even more dramatic in photos… perfect for a big night on the town!

If you need a little help in the lash drama department but are not ready to go full Hollywood glamour yet: try a lash lift!  This fantastic service is perfect for our always on-the-go Sonata clients who are looking for a little boost!  Kerrie- who is trained and certified by Yumi Lash- curls, perms, and tints your own lash in a relaxing 1-2 hour session here at Sonata.  The result: extended length, increased volume and dramatic color. Say goodbye to your mascara for a while! The price of the Yumi Lash Lift by Kerrie is $150.  Results typically last 6 weeks. For our devoted Latisse-lovers, you will be amazed how this service can complement those hard-earned Latisse Lashes! The result is WOW!

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In addition to beautiful lashes, we are thrilled to be able to  offer brow tinting and waxing services to our wonderful patients.

Win a full set of extensions or a lash lift!  Three ways to enter: drop by the office and put your name in our comment jar, like our FB page or share our lash posts via your favorite social media.  Kerrie will be available at Sonata on Monday and Tuesday by appointment.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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