What is Bellafill?

by Lawrence Janowski, MD

adHave you ever wished your filler could last longer? How does five years sound? Such a filler exists, and its name is Bellafill. Formerly called Artefill, Bellafill has been around in this country since 2011, and in Europe since 2004.

Never heard of it? That is probably due to less than robust marketing in the U.S. and also the fact that it is an advanced filler that many injectors have not trained on. But it is nothing short of miraculous. It does not work the same way other fillers work. It actually stimulates your own body to act as the true filler, generating your own collagen at the site of injection. This is why it lasts so long.

Now you must be thinking “I probably have to wait 3 to 6 months to see results, right?”, wrong. Bellafill contains collagen that provides the instant filling effect we are all used to. This fades away as your natural collagen takes its place, so you will experience both an immediate and long-term filling effect. Here’s another great perk: Because collagen continues to build, most people look better at 12 months than they do at 6 months after injection. Also, its safety factor is as high or higher than any other filler on the market. It can be used in any area on the face other than the lips, and produces very natural results (after all, it is your own collagen!).

“So”, you say, “A safe, natural-looking, long lasting filler that can be used almost anywhere and just keeps getting better with time…what’s the catch?”. Naturally, it’s more expensive. Instead of thinking about syringes, we now think about kits. A kit, which will typically correct an area like the midface, costs $4000. So it’s a big up-front investment for a very long-lasting result, but one that many find worthwhile. If you do the math, you do save money in the long run versus typical fillers. Another injector put it to me when she said “Instead of renting your filler, you are buying it.” In other words, instead of watching your filler disappear every year or so, you can have a stable, satisfying, long term correction.

I personally feel this is a revolutionary product that will “change the game” of fillers as we know it, and I absolutely love the results I have seen so far in my clients. Your wish for a long-lasting filler is here, whenever you are ready for it.

Watch a Demonstration of Dr. Janowski injecting Bellafill and learn more about the product!


*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / April 17, 2015 / Filler