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Analyzing Your Skin For The Best Results*

visia skin analysis for laser hair removalAt Sonata in Broomfield, Colorado, we are proud to offer every patient an advanced skin analysis using the state-of-the-art Visia camera. The VISIA takes a very high resolution photo of your skin. This photo allows you to see not just what is on the visible surface of your skin, but what lies beneath the surface. Using UV and cross-polarized light, the VISIA reveals the color, tone, texture and sun damage on your skin.

The VISIA also gives you a reading of your TrueSkin Age. This skin age is based on comparing your skin quality, color, and texture to thousands of other women across the globe.

We use the VISIA to be able to give you your most informed consultation. We also use it to give you the best recommendations for treatments and products. It is a part of our commitment to giving you the most beneficial, most educated, and most medically-sound treatment options available.

The VISIA camera grades your skin on several categories: Spots, Wrinkles, Texture, Pores, UV Spots, Brown Spots, Red Area and Porphyrins (or bacteria on the skin). You are given a percentile score based on comparing you to other people of your same age and gender. It is invaluable insight into the true health of your skin. The length and thickness of your eyelashes is also graded.

Once we have your images, we work with you to craft strategies for tackling your most pressing skin concerns. Oftentimes, we will recommend both treatments and products to improve your skin. And who doesn’t want youthful looking skin!??

Call us today at 303.469.0064 to schedule your Visia Skin Analysis. It is complimentary for all current patients!

** When you come in for your analysis, it is critical that you come in makeup and sunscreen free.**

*Results may vary from patient to patient