Treating Acne Scars

Bellafill-promoAt Sonata (located in Broomfield, Colorado), we believe it is a part of our mission to give back to the community. As part of this mission, we have been doing pro-bono treatments on deserving women in the Broomfield community.

We have been focusing this most recent pro-bono effort on acne scarring. Acne scars are one of the most difficult areas to treat. Acne scars are also rated as the number one skin concern of people who have them – and the presence of acne scars can greatly hurt self-esteem.

Acne scars are formed by the inflammation of a breakout. Your body produces extra collagen, and that can leave behind a lasting scar. (It is so important to not pick at any active acne breakout or you increase the risk of future scarring.)

Up until now, there have been three main ways to treat acne scars: (1) laser resurfacing, which can smooth a scar and help remove color; (2) microneedling, which can help resurface the skin and smooth a scar over time and with multiple treatments, and; (3) filling a scar with filler. The best treatment protocol will use all three methods to tackle the scar. We absolutely recommend combining all three treatments.

Filling a scar can help even out the skin’s texture and hide an indent. However, only certain types of scars can be filled. Scooped out scars, or bowl like scars, can be filled. Unfortunately, very deep narrow scars, sometimes calls “ice-pick scars” cannot be filled.

The most exciting development in the treatment of scars is the FDA approval of Bellafill. Bellafill has been around (as Artefill) for over 10 years, but was only recently approved for the filling of acne scars. What makes Bellafill an excellent choice for this treatment is two things: (1) Bellafill lasts a very long time and therefore you won’t need as frequent re-treatment of the areas; (2) Bellafill actually generates your own collagen, which means your own collagen becomes the filler. This means new blood flow and cell regeneration in the scarred area. So, your skin quality should improve over time with Bellafill treatment.

It has been our honor to treat these deserving patients and help the change their lives. We will have many before and after photos to share. Please enjoy a video demo of this life-enhancing procedure below, and let us know if you’d like to meet with Dr. Janowski to talk about Bellafill for treating acne scars.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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