by Lawrence Janowski, MD

*the number one injector of Sculptra in Colorado!*

12783233_1516233272019046_640516463_nA fundamental concept of facial aging is that we are all losing facial volume with age, and this is the most aging thing that happens to our face. Before age 40, most of that volume loss comes in the form of fat loss. After age 40, it comes from bone loss as well as fat loss. This is why facial aging seems to accelerate after this point. The most rejuvenating thing one can do to an aging face is restore facial structure and volume.

Sculptra is truly the only product that can provide this (even facelifts do not, given that they do not restore lost volume). The product is placed deep, next to bone, causing collagen production that simulates new bone formation, thus restoring structure. The new collagen will simultaneously provide midface volume as well, in this case, volume you can keep for many years. I also feel that this product provides the best long-term value. Once your initial series of three treatments is complete, one Sculptra vial per year is all that is needed for the entire face to maintain your results forever.

There is no other treatment that can provide this kind of volume, structure, new collagen growth, natural results and longevity.  Sculptra is truly a “home-run” procedure.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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