No Complaining Zone!

by Elizabeth Janowski

Our goal is to support each of our clients by providing them with options to reclaim their face, their bodies, and then, the world. One of the ways we aspire to do that is ​by creating an environment of loving kindness, where all clients feel appreciated, accepted, and beloved.

In order to best support that, we’ve committed ourselves to the “No-Complaining Challenge“, coined by Will Bowen. The challenge asks the simple question, Could you go 21 days without complaining?

Complete with purple bracelets and a book – the challenge lays out the very simple, yet deeply true, supposition that we are what we think, or “We become what we think about. – Earl Nightingale”.

How to do the challenge?

Your goal is to go 21 consecutive days without complaining (at all) – about traffic, the weather, etc.. It’s not that you are meant to ignore negative things, or turn a blind eye to injustice … it’s more about keeping your own focus on elevating the communities that you are in.

I’ve seen it in my own life with my small children. I think I am a positive person, but there are certain things I love to complain about — one of them is traffic. And now I hear them complaining too – and you know what? – it isn’t pleasant!

So, I am making the vow to zip it — no complaining about traffic, or being cold, or the long line at Starbucks.

If you slip up (and we all will do it), and complain, you start over again, until you’ve gone 21 consecutive days without complaining. Twenty one days is the amount of time researchers say it takes to really seal in a new habit — so 21 days without complaining — and you may just be a new you!

“What you articulate, you demonstrate. Our thoughts create our lives, and our words indicate what we are thinking. If you will change your words, your thoughts will follow and you will change your life.” – Will Bowen, A Complaint Free World

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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