Dr. Janowski has spent much of the past year learning from the world-master of facial fat grafting, Dr. Cohen of Faces+ in San Diego, California. Facial fat grafting may sound a little scary, but it’s really just this – taking fat from a place you don’t want it — like your love handle or flanks, purifying it, and injecting it in the face.

The benefits of using your own fat as a filler are numerous.

First of all, your fat is the largest storehouse of stem cells in your body. Stem cells are able to heal and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. When you inject your fat into your face not only do you get significant volume, but your stem cells can dramatically improve your skin tone, giving you a glow from the inside out.

Secondly, using your own fat as a filler allows you to get the volume you need without spending an exorbitant amount of money.

One syringe of filler is 1 cc – or equal to about one sugar cube. For some of our thinner and/or older patients, they may want or need much more volume than would be reasonable to replenish with just filler alone. It is completely reasonable that a women in her 50s may need 30 or more syringes of filler to rejuvenate and revolumize her face. This could cost $15,000 or more. Facial fat grafting allows us to give you the fill and rejuvenation you need at a much more affordable cost.

Third, fat is long lasting. Once the fat has found a blood supply, it can live in your skin for many, many years. Of course, your face will continue to age, and you will continue to lose volume but fat grafting gives you long-lasting rejuvenation. We estimate that about 1/2 of the fat injected may be lost – and so you should know what “stayed” after about 6 weeks. At that point, Dr. Janowski may want to “top off” your results with fillers to give you just the look you want.

A couple of our most common questions are:

  • Can I use someone else’s fat?

Unfortunately, no. Only your own fat is bio-analogous and will be able to live in your skin.

  • Who is a good candidate?

Someone looking to add volume, who wants a long lasting result, is healthy, and has a donor site. A donor site is somewhere you can take fat from – like your flanks or abdomen. That’s a bonus of this procedure is that you do get a (small) amount of liposuction with the procedure.

​This treatment is quickly becoming one of our most popular procedures because of the fantastic volumization and skin rejuvenation it offers. It also is an easy, in-office procedure with limited recovery – some bruising and swelling in the face and in the “donor” area.

Our patients have been thrilled with their results – and it is such a fantastic addition to our suite of rejuvenating services.​

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / October 19, 2017 / Fat transfer