Healing acne scars for a deserving young woman

Treating deserving patients who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford our services is one of our greatest honors. The amazing Allie came to us with deep acne scars that were affecting her confidence. Allie had been working for years on her insides – and is an incredibly caring and gracious person – but felt like her insides did not match her outside. Her acne scars were holding her back from living confidently.

Acne scars are a difficult thing to treat – and require a series of different treatments to soften and fill. Dr. Janowski has done 2 (of usually a series of 3) treatments to fill Allie’s scars with the long-lasting, collagen stimulating filler Bellafill. And our aesthetician, Laurel, has been giving Allie regular plasma microneedling treatments which help to break up the acne scars and smooth them.

We also gifted Allie some of our Obagi Clenziderm acne products to prevent future breakouts.

Allie has been such a joy to work with – and seeing her confidence grow as her skin has improved makes us all so very happy.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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