Silhouette Threadlifts Now Here!

We’ve officially launched Silhouette InstaLift in our Broomfield, Colorado offices! We’ve been waiting U.S. approval and release of these threads – which have taken Europe by storm  – for the last 18 months, and are thrilled to be able to share these with our clients. Dr. Janowski has been injecting threads since January 2016, and in the past year has become the biggest injector of threads in Colorado and a leader in the nation, even traveling internationally to train other physicians on the use of threads.

In use in Europe since 2009, the Silhouette lift provides facelift results with zero downtime and lasts for two to four years.  Dr. Janowski has become a leader in “thread” nonsurgical facelifts, often performing several a day and training other doctors in this specialized procedure.

In a treatment session that usually lasts just a half-hour, Dr. Janowski strategically inserts the tiny tiny re-absorbable Silhouette sutures.

Treatment areas include:

  • Jawline  – provides remarkable definition where there was once a droopy or jowly profile
  • Neck – immediately lifts loose skin
  • Midface – helps restore  volume in upper cheeks and provides youthful  midface lift
  • Brow – lifts and restores, once again accentuating your eyes’ natural beauty

We love the Silhouette Lift because, like Sculptra, it promotes your own natural collagen production.  Over time, besides the immediate lift, the treatment helps restore volume to the areas that tend to sag as we age.

We also love the fact that the Silhouette Lift is highly customizable. If you would like to start small and only see a slight initial improvement, the Doctor can easily accommodate. However, most patients who first opted for the most minor type of treatment tend to come back for more, and soon. They love the natural no-downtime look, and we truly believe you will too.

Looking as good as feel has never been easier!

Types of Threads

In the US, only various types of Silhouette (Silhouette stands for polydioxanone, the substance the threads are made of) threads have been available up until this point. Dr. Janowski is an official trainer for Silhouette threads, and does several thread lift cases per day in our office – giving patients a minimally invasive, in-office lift without significant downtime.

Silhouette Soft threads are made of PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid), the same substance that the collagen-stimulating filler Sculptra is made of. This stimulates your own collagen to grow while offering a lift. The Silhouette threads offer the physician injector a chance to customize the lift to your need and concerns. They are also thinner than Silhouette threads, leading to less possible skin irritation.

Each type of thread has its own best uses, and we are excited to bring this technology to our patients. The Silhouette thread lift has been available in Europe for several years and is extremely popular for it’s natural looking results and the ease of the procedure.

We’ve officially launched Silhouette InstaLift in our Broomfield, Colorado offices. We’ve been waiting U.S. approval and release of these threads – which have taken Europe by storm  – for the last 18 months, and are thrilled to be able to share these with our clients.

What’s the difference between Silhouette and Silhouette?

Silhouette InstaLift differs from the Silhouette threads that Dr. Janowski has been using for over a year now in a few key ways. All threads are able to lift the skin non-surgically. Silhouette adds a new level of customization because you the threads are bi-directional. You make one entry point in the skin, and exit in two other places. (See the video demo for more clarification on this.)

dr-janowski-non-surgical-faceliftthread lift in denver coloradoAdditionally, the Silhouette thread is thinner than prior thread materials, making the risk of the thread showing much lower. Silhouette threads are made of the same material as Sculptra (PLGA), which is the a collagen stimulator – meaning these threads not only add Instant Lift, but stimulate your own collagen to grow in as they slowly dissolve.

The threads themselves have tiny bi-directional cones on them that grab the skin and lift it. One patient described the cones as a sort of zipper, zipping up skin, and we thought this was a clever analogy.

Silhouette threads can be placed anywhere on the face, but are most commonly used in the lower face and jawline to give a lift to the skin in these areas, which tends to sag with age.

Dr. Janowski already has a tremendous expertise with threads – being one of the first to introduce Silhouette threads to the US – and the biggest provider of threads/threadlifts in Colorado. He also trains other physicians internationally on thread lifting. Threads require an expertly trained physician, as they require a very technical and spatial understanding of facial planes.

Threads are an amazing new addition to the aesthetics space – and stand mid-way between Botox®/Filler and surgical face-lifts – allowing us to provide more and better options to patients looking for total facial rejuvenation.

We cannot wait to have you come in for a consultation with Dr. Janowski to talk about how Silhouette InstaLift may work for your needs.

Results are truly amazing, far exceeding that seen with Silhouette threads.  A broader group of patients will be eligible for treatment as well, but patients with severe skin laxity are still not good candidates for this treatment.  The procedure takes about 20 minutes, and results are seen immediately.  If you are interested in an “instant lift”, schedule your consultation for Silhouette Instalift, now available at Sonata.

  Silhouette (PLLA/PLGA) Novathreads (Silhouette)
Longevity 18 months 6-9 months
Insertion Pain level Minimal Moderate to Severe
Dissolvability Dissolvable Dissolvable
Lifting Technology Cones Barbs
Collagen production Yes Yes
Recovery Bruising Bruising, Pain
Possible Complications Dimpling (correctable) Showing Thread, Extrusion, Migration, Early Loss of Effect
Results Immediate Immediate
Adjustability Adjustable at time of insertion Non-adjustable

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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