At Sonata, Dr. Janowski is ALWAYS traveling, studying, teaching others, and innovating. Our goal is to bring the absolute most advanced and effective treatments to our beautiful patients.

The Precision: Micro-Surgical Neck Lift

We’ve finally found a long-term and effective treatment for sagging necks and double chins. This one time treatment has results that will last for many years. It is done in the office, and has extremely minimal downtime.

Dr. Janowski uses a laser to tighten skin through small injection points. The laser melts fat, which is removed using a tiny cannula. His careful eye and extensive training allows for a precise treatment and beautiful results.

Results are immediate. You will walk out with a better defined jawline and a younger looking profile!

J-Plasma Resurfacing: The “Reset Button” for your skin

J-Plasma is our most effective treatment for total facial resurfacing. Smooth away wrinkles, tighten skin, and remove pigment all in one, in-office treatment. Results compare to a face-lift without surgery or extensive down time. Some surgeons are giving up face-lifts in favor of this amazing treatment.

This new technology that uses cold plasma is a “first-of-it’s kind” in cosmetic medicine and will totally transform your skin. The treatment is most effective for our 50+ clients who want a new lease on life.

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*Results may vary from patient to patient

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