What Is a Plasma Facelift?

A Plasma Facelift is a treatment that uses the healing potential of your own blood to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles as well as restoring volume to the face. It is an ideal complement to a plasma facial.

The Fountain of Youth in Your Blood

The secret to a plasma facelift is the platelet rich plasma (PRP). Plasma is the nutrient-rich solution in your blood. It contains growth factors and other proteins that stimulate your body to grow new tissue, and provides nutrients to fuel that regrowth. Platelets’ primary function is to stop bleeding, but they play an important role in healing as well, and your body dispatches them to anywhere healing is required, including sites of infection.

By isolating and concentrating these elements in your blood then introducing them into your face, a plasma facelift encourages your body to act more like its youthful self, generating more volume and structural proteins in the face. This can reduce facial folds, wrinkles, and hollows.

Injectables Help

Along with your own PRP, a plasma facelift utilizes facial fillers like Juvéderm to help establish the desired volume in your face. It takes several months for the full effects of a plasma facelift to be seen. Fillers give you immediate results.

But using injectable fillers do more than just speed up the process: they establish a framework for your final results. As your body absorbs the injectables and generates its own tissue, it fills in the spaces established by the fillers, giving you long-lasting rejuvenation effects. The timing is just about perfect, too: where fillers like Juvéderm can begin to lose their effectiveness about six to 9 months after treatment, the effects of PRP become really noticeable about 8 months after treatment.

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*Results may vary from patient to patient

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