Woman is the creator of the universe, the universe is her form; woman is the foundation of the world, she is the true form of the body.

In woman is the form of all things, of all that lives and moves in the world. There is no jewel rarer than woman. – Shaktisangama Tantra

by Liz Janowski

At Sonata, our heart’s mission is to help our patients’ reclaim their faces and bodies and to treat each one of you with immense loving kindness. We wake up each day energized by this love and desire to serve! And we are filled with infinite gratitude for the opportunity to interact with each on of you.

I’ve spent the last five years at Sonata rolling over and around in my mind and heart what we can really GIVE people. What is our highest calling? When I get out of bed, even in the wee hours of the morning, it is my heart that is pulling me in to our work at Sonata. And it’s not just me. Dr. Janowski, my wonderful husband, feels that same strong call to serve, to innovate, and most importantly, to care. We really feel we are doing our hearts’ best work, and we are constantly commenting on our good fortune to be able to work together, to care for others, and to give what our hearts’ have to offer.

It hasn’t always been easy, or direct, or seamless. It’s often been challenging and scary and uncomfortable. And as the business has grown, we have as well. We’ve gone from single to married, from childless to the parent’s of two amazing humans, from having just two staff to having (at times) 9 beautiful souls working with us.

And, speaking for myself, as I have matured and grown, my focus has also grown larger. I see what we can offer and what we have to offer as so much more than the small, segmented, and often secretive world of medical aesthetics. I’ve also been blessed to have experienced most of the procedures we offer – and am able to speak to what they have offered me as a woman.

We do serve men, lots of men, but our primary clientele is women. Women looking for something. Women wanting to experience a positive change. Women wanting to feel beautiful and sexy and empowered.

We often see women in the middle of a transition. A new job, a new partner, a new social status, a new baby, a new retirement… and they want to be able to feel confident in the newness of these situations.

Part of radiating that unstoppable confidence, the kind that can move mountains and manifest dreams, is really feeling beautiful in your bones. A patient told me yesterday, “I’ve been working so hard on myself, and have had some beautiful breakthroughs, but my face doesn’t quite match what I feel on the inside.” And wow, what an honor it is to help her outside catch up to her inside!

Another patient shared with me that she is in the midst of a soul-crushing divorce, and has been seeing us for Sculptra filler treatments and chemical peels, and when she wakes “up in the morning and looks in the mirror, (she) see(s) a beautiful face staring back at her” which gives her the confidence she really needs right now to “slay some dragons”. Again, wow, what an honor!

This is what we want.

We want you to RECLAIM your face and your body. Own your face and body. Love yourself. Use the services we offer to feel and look and BE the way you want to be.

For me, the procedures I have had done – from Dysport® to Liposuction, to chemical peel and fillers – have made me feel more beautiful, more confident, and more able to share my gifts with the world. My face isn’t holding me back – it is allowing me to lead.

We want to meet you where you are at right now, no matter how vulnerable or joyful or afraid or empowered you feel.

We want to be able to be a part of your journey to loving yourself and to knowing how powerful you are.

Women are the creators in the universe. This is an ancient belief, represented across many world religions. Women give birth. Women create new beings on this earth. And it is a sacred mission to be able to support the inherent power all women have.

You may not feel it – and it has been my experience that it takes time to grow in to this awareness, but you, as a woman, have an unspoken (and often untapped) power to create. In ancient (and some modern) traditions, women are the light that guides the universe.

We women have so much to offer. We can support one another.

We can create communities where we feel that we are able to live up to our highest good. We can give our love as sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, wives, partners, business women, and more.

It is my highest goal to create a space of safety, of love, of compassion and of community at Sonata, where we can support you on your journey of empowerment.

Dr. Janowski, my staff, and I wake up each day enlivened by our love for each one of you.

With Colossal Gratitude,

photo credit: Julie Harris Chatham – http://www.julieharrisphotography.com/

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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