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Botox was pioneered to treat areas in the upper face, with the most common treatment being between the brows (the “11s” or glabella) and for the crow’s feet. Botox works by relaxing the muscles that cause the expressions that lead to wrinkling.

Botox works tremendously well in the treatment of these concerns, with a 97% satisfaction rate (according to the manufacturer, Allergan).

At our offices in Broomfield, Colorado, Botox can also be used in lower face to treat several common conditions, improving your appearance. For these more advanced uses of Botox, you definitely want to work with a skilled provider. As of February 2014, Dr. Janowski has provided Botox injections to over 5000 patients in Colorado, and he is happy to work with you to develop a customized plan that matches your specific concerns.

Leaders in the aesthetic community, like Dr. Janowski, are pioneering the use of Botox in the lower face to treat the following concerns:

(1) DAO or Droopy Mouth Corners can be corrected with injection of Botox into the depressors of the mouth. This can “turn up” the corners of the mouth.

(2) Mentalis or Pebble Chin: The injection of Botox into the chin area can correct the look of “pebble chin”, or the little bumps and lumps you may see on the chin when you smile.

(3) Masseter or Square Jaw: Many of us grind our teeth, leading to overdeveloped jaw muscles. Botox can relax these muscles, leading to a less square and more smooth, balanced jawline.

(4) Orbiuclar Oris or “Puckering” Above the Lips: the injection of Botox in the upper lip can help reduce the “puckering” effect that can cause vertical lip lines

(5) Platysmal Bands or Neck Bands: the injection of Botox into these neck bands can reduce their appearance, making the neck look smoother and less “tense”

For more information on Botox visit our “Botox Buyers Guide” .  If you’d like to learn more about how Botox can be used to treat your lower face, contact us today to set up an appointment! 

*Results may vary from patient to patient