Reducing Pores and Fighting Oily Skin With Dysport®*

dysport for acneWe all know Dysport® can stop wrinkles in their tracks, but it has many other uses. Dysport® relaxes facial muscles, which makes it ideal for treating things like headaches and teeth grinding. Dysport® can also be used to decrease oiliness on the skin and reduce pore size. When applied very superficially, it can relax the oil glands beneath the skin, as well as the sebaceous glands that cause sweating, as it does in the underarms.

During the facial, Dysport® is applied only to the skin surface, so it will not “relax” the facial muscles as with typical injections.

We are very excited about the Dysport® facial because it helps treat a difficult skin problem that affects many of our patients in our Broomfield, Colorado office. Many patients complain about oily skin and pore size, and both are difficult to treat. Facials, microdermabrasion, and use of Retin-A can help, but nothing is a slam dunk solution.

Our facial can shrink pores and reduce surface oiliness for up to 3 months. Our aesthetician applies the diluted Dysport® to the skin using a microneedling pen, making the facial a fantastic two-in-one treatment. Microneedling does amazing things to smooth the surface texture of the skin, and the Dysport® tackles pores and oiliness. The Dysport® takes effect after 5-7 days, and you should notice a reduction in shine.*

The treatment itself is fast and easy, taking about 15-20 minutes, with no down time. It is an appropriate treatment for anyone concerned about pores and oil – but we do advise patients with very active acne or blemishes to skip this treatment until their skin clears up.

We invite you to try this great treatment for a tighter, smoother, and less oily complexion. It is also a great summertime treatment, when oil and sweat production spikes for most of us.

*Results may vary from patient to patient