Julianna, Our First Impressions Coordinator, shares her favorite services and products

What is your role at Sonata?

I am the First Impressions Coordinator, so I am likely to be the first person you chat with on the phone or see as we welcome you in to Sonata!

What treatments and services have you had done?

I have had both Restylane Lyft and PRP under my eyes to soften my dark circles and smooth out the creppy skin under my eyes. I’ve had Sculptra around my face and temples to add volume and improve my face shape. I’ve had Dysport® in my glabella, crows feet and forehead lines. I used to have a very deep furrow between my eyes that I don’t have anymore – so I seem a lot less “angry”. 🙂

I’ve had threads in my mid-face to lift my face – and I love them! I’ve also had IPL treatments for melasma, a VI Peel, an Obagi Radiance peel, and laser hair removal on my legs and underarms. I am currently using the Obagi NU-Derm Kit, clenzaderm clenser and tretinoin .025 at home each night.

What are you favorite treatments and services and why?

I love the under eye filler because it improved my appearance so much and made my eyes so much brighter!

What would you recommend every one do to take better care of themselves?

Use amazing, medical-grade skin care like the Obagi Nu-derm kit and sun screen! Invest in yourself and treat the areas that truly bother them because it can have such a hugely positive impact on how you feel about yourself!

What have you learned while working at Sonata that you would want to share with friends and family?

The fact that there are products and treatments that you can do to seriously help with all the issues that you are just living with—-You don’t have to just live with it, Sonata can help!!!! 🙂

And… you truly can truly fight the signs of aging, but the best plan is prevention and we can help with that too!!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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