by Elizabeth Janowski, VP

Ever since I hit puberty, I have had a problem with excessive sweating in my armpits. I stay away from silk shirts and I carry deodorant in my purse. I love to work out and often do so before work – and then I run the risk of being sweaty all day long. I can even remember going on dates with Kleenex stuffed into my armpits to ensure I wouldn’t sweat through my date outfit.

Excessive sweating is something 3% of people worldwide suffer from. You can have excessive sweating in the hands, feet, and on the head, as well as in the armpits. For me, it is localized to just one armpit.

Over the years, I’ve tried many types of topical antiperspirants. Most have some effect, but on a day where I am stressed or hormonal, my one stinky armpit will definitely flare up.

It took me a few years to try, but I am now a huge fan of Botox® to stop excessive sweating. In our office, we only use the treatment for Botox® in the armpits. It is a fast and easy treatment – it takes no more than 10-15 minutes. I was worried about pain, but the armpits have far fewer nerves than the face, so it was actually almost painless.

Botox® relaxes the sweat glands in the treatment area. Most people need 50 units per armpit. The best part is, the effects can last up to one year. Most patients report a 90% decrease in sweating. We have patients who return year after year for this quick and effective treatment.

I am thrilled. Now I can hit it hard at the gym and still head into work without fear of sweating all day. And I am already shopping for some summery silk blouses!

Watch a demonstration of me getting Botox® in the armpits:

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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