Liposuction: Myths vs. Realities

Although body contouring has always been and continues to be a very sought-after procedure, fears regarding liposuction have fueled a massive non-invasive body contouring market in recent years. Many of these fears are not justified, and may be based on the way liposuction used to be performed. The truth is, liposuction is still by far

Review of Liposuction & J Plasma

Lipoplasma Reviews: My liposuction and sub-cutaneous J-Plasma experience After reading many other Lipoplasma reviews I am excited to share my own. I am in my late 30s and a mom to two amazing kids small children. I work out, I eat fairly healthy, and, I still had a little belly and some love handles. This

Kybella for Men (and women): Slim your neckline

by Lawrence Janowski, MD Kybella is the first and only FDA approved injectable treatment for submental fat, that is fat that appears under our chin.  This fat creates a “double chin” look, making us appear heavier or older than we are.  Up until now, the only treatment for removing this stubborn fat pocket was liposuction.

WOW! Transform your jawline with Kybella

Bye Bye Double Chin: Hello Kybella Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment for “submental fullness” or what we commonly refer to as our “double chin.” We’ve been amazed with Kybella’s results! If you follow our blog, you know Dr. Janowski is currently undergoing the series of Kybella treatments. We’ll soon post his final

My 1st Sculptra Treatment – A Testimonial

Our First Impressions Coordinator, Raquel, Recaps Her 1st Sculptra Treatment Our beautiful First Impressions Coordinator, Raquel, wrote about her experience with the long-term, collagen-stimulating filler, Sculptra. Sculptra is actually the most time-tested filler available. Sculptra works differently than Juvederm or Restalyne because it actually stimulates your own collagen to grow. Over time, your own collagen

Our First Impressions Coordinator, Raquel, did our 10 day cleanse…

…and she wants to share her experiences with you! by Raquel Knittel The basics: drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and processed grains, and limit high fat foods. (Learn more.) This helps patients’ better process destroyed fat cells through their liver – and leads to better overall treatment results. (We all want that!) For those

No More Turkey Necks!

How Do I Get Rid of My Turkey Neck? The neck is an area that shows our age, and often it can make us look older than we actually are. We get complaints on a daily basis from our Denver and Broomfield area patients regarding loose skin or rough texture on the neck. The good

Kybella: Dissolve your double chin

Kybella is an exciting new product, just approved by the FDA.  It is an injectable ‘fat buster’ that reduces fat just under the chin.  When injected, it actually causes the fat cells in this stubborn area to burst, thereby long lastingly destroying them.  The body then flushes out the fat.  This may create a thinner and more sculpted