Our First Impressions Coordinator, Raquel, Recaps Her 1st Sculptra Treatment

Our beautiful First Impressions Coordinator, Raquel, wrote about her experience with the long-term, collagen-stimulating filler, Sculptra.

Sculptra is actually the most time-tested filler available. Sculptra works differently than Juvederm or Restalyne because it actually stimulates your own collagen to grow. Over time, your own collagen becomes the filler. This not only means the results will last a long time, it also means that as you grow your own collagen – your overall skin tone, texture and appearance will improve.
Collagen is the “magic” structural protein that makes skin taut and bouyant. Think about the lovely cheeks of a baby – they are filled with collagen. As we age, we all lose collagen, making skin sag and thin. Many, if not all, anti-aging treatments – from fillers to skin care products like Retin-A – are about stimulating new collagen growth.

Raquel had received shorter-term fillers, like Juvederm, before. These fillers also stimulate a moderate amount of collagen growth, but the hyaluronic acid in the product is the filler, not your own collagen. Therefore, as the hyaluronic acid breaks down, the filler disappears. (Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body and breaks down naturally over time.) The Sculptra injections were her first experience with a long-term, collagen-stimulating filler.

When Sculptra is first injected, the product itself is suspended in water – so you will look “full” and then as the water is absorbed, the fullness will fade. However, that’s when the collagen stimulation takes over – and over the course of 6 weeks, you will grow your own collagen in the treated areas.

After 6 weeks, Dr. Janowski will want to see and treat you again, to add in more product and stimulate even more collagen growth. The treatment usually takes 3 total sessions – and results last about 3 years.

Sculptra has long been considered the most “natural” looking filler – and that is because you are filled with your own collagen! Sculptra is a great choice for most patients – and works especially well in your thinner, active patients – who tend to need more volume in their faces. Raquel is a committed yogi – and her active lifestyle means her face has thinned over time. She wanted to get back that youthful lift she used to have.

Hear Raquel’s first hand account of her Sculptra treatment in the mid-face (cheek area) and temples – which are among the most common areas to get Sculptra:

Raquel: At first, I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that Sculptra was a filler that would last longer and that would help with the hollowing I noticed in my temples and cheeks.
Dr. Janowski walked me through the treatment. It took about 30 minutes and he was very gentle.

After treatment, I was a bit sore and slightly swollen from the water in the filler. I used Arnica cream, Bromelean tablets and ice (all of which we offer in our office) and the swelling went down pretty quickly. Starting just two days after treatment, I got compliments from my husband and even from strangers at restaurants about how great I looked! Some patients that are new to our office even mistook me for a teenager! It’s been about 10 weeks, and I’ve had two Sculptra treatments. My face and skin have already begun to change and look better and more youthful. As a busy Mom of three, it is so great to feel confident and beautiful when I look in the mirror.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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