by Liz Janowski

Fillers are incredible products. They create instant volume. Fillers don’t just fill in lines, they help restore your natural, youthful beauty.

As we age, all of lose volume in our faces. The collagen, which keeps our skin looking taut, youthful, and vibrant breaks down over time. We also experience both fat and bone loss as we age. The fat pads that kept our face soft, full, and beautiful when were young shrink as we age. This is why you may notice more hollowness in your cheeks or under your eyes.

We also reabsorb bone as we age, leading to a hollow look in the mid-face, jaw and temples.

Bone Loss AgingFat-Aging

Facial rejuvenation is about more than just tackling one line or one wrinkle, it is about restoring your natural beauty. At our office in Broomfield, Colorado, Dr. Janowski will help you assess your overall face, and will create a custom treatment plan for you that will bring back your natural beauty.

Many people have some hesitancy around using fillers because they don’t want to look unnatural or overdone. That is an obvious concern. A good physician injector, like Dr. Janowski, will help you look your best without any dramatic change. Dr. Janowski always says the goal is for your friends and family to think you look better, more rested, and more youthful, but not to be able to point out what you’ve had done. Dr. Janowski also uses advanced techniques for placing the filler, often using micro-canulas which cause less trauma to the skin. Most of our patients have no bruising or swelling after the procedure – but we cannot guarantee that – and you may want to time your procedure so a bruise or swelling won’t impact your life.

Dr. Janowski is an expert injector with over 11 years of daily experience injecting fillers. He is known throughout Colorado as an artist in his creative and subtle use of fillers. We carry many types of fillers, because each has their own purpose and best usage.

Most of us think about filler for places like the parenthesis lines around the mouth, or for adding fullness to the lips. These are fantastic places to use filler and we do many procedures in these areas with beautiful results.

However, filler has many more applications than in just these areas. One great use of filler is to add back volume in the mid-face and to lift the face. Often times, lifting the mid-face will smooth wrinkles in other areas. Filler can also add subtle but beautiful correction in the temples. You can use filler to straighten the nose, or give the nose a more beautiful shape. Fillers can also be used to define the jaw line, restore volume in the hands, fill in the hollows under the eyes, and lift the eyebrows. Often times, these subtle uses of filler will greatly enhance your natural, youthful beauty. Fillers are also used to fill in scars, and are especially good at smoothing old acne scars.

Almost everyone could benefit from some amount of filler. Dr. Janowski has treated patients as young as 18, and our most mature beautiful patients are in their 80s. The amount and type of filler you might needs depends on your age, your goals, and your facial anatomy. The good news is that some of these beautiful uses of filler require only a very small amount of product. Fillers themselves last between 6 mos – 2 years, depending on where they are injected and what type of filler used.

The main message is: Fillers, injected by a physician with an artistic eye and years of experience, can help you look like your most beautiful, natural self, often shaving years off your appearance with one quick in-office treatment.  Give us a call at 303.469.0064 or email us to learn more or set up an initial consultation!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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