Healing Sun Damaged Skin

We all accumulate sun damage over time, especially in the high altitude of Colorado. Sun exposure leads to the development of sun spots, freckles, and age spots. Over time, these areas of discoloration can make our skin look uneven and old.

The fantastic news is these areas of hyperpigmentation can easily be removed with a series of IPL treatments. IPL (Or Intense Pulsed Light) uses bright flashes of controlled light to target pigment and pull it to the surface. Areas of pigment darken, and then sloughs off over the next week. Your skin if left clearer and more even in tone.

We recommend a series of 3 treatments, spaced about 2 weeks (or more) apart. After this first series of three, you can do an annual, one-time maintenance treatment to remove any accumulated damage and keep your skin clear, vibrant, and even.

IPL has benefits beyond removing pigment. It can lessen the appearance of broken capillaries, reduce pore size, and has some moderate benefit in improving skin texture. IPL treatments are not recommended for people with darker skin types, or those who are heavily tanned. We also don’t do IPL treatment on pregnant and breast-feeding women, as hormonal changes in the skin can affect the treatment outcome.

Learn more, see a treatment, and hear about my recovery first hand with a video blog:

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / April 10, 2015 / Skin Care Tips