Many of our new and returning patients contact us about Botox® pricing – many hoping for a Botox® sale. We get it! Who doesn’t want to get a better deal on their favorite anti-aging treatment? However, as we often say, our regular price is most places’ sale pricing.

At most medical spas and clinics, Botox® is sold per unit. Nation-wide, the average number of units a patient needs is 44 for “full correction”. Full correction generally means that you treat your “11s”, crow’s feet and wrinkles on the forehead. However, each person is unique and the number of units you need varies based on how strong your facial muscles are, what your goals are (some people want some movement, others want none), your age and your skin condition.

Botox® can also be used in so many alternative areas – from in the jaw to reduce teeth grinding and slim the lower face to under the arms to stop sweating. These alternative areas require varying amounts of Botox®.

For us, and as of December 2015, we price Botox® at $8 unit for patients new to our office as a way to welcome new patients into our office and in to the world of medical aesthetics. Our Botox® pricing is $10 unit for our very valued returning patients.

People often ask us, why do we keep our prices so low? The average price for Botox® in Colorado is $12-$14 unit. (And $15-$20 in Manhattan and LA!) Well, we like to welcome new patients in to our office with a price that makes them want to try Botox® for the first time. Dr. Janowski does a full, educational and complimentary consultation with every new patient – and takes the time to analyze your unique facial anatomy, as well as your skin. He will talk to you about your goals and desires and together you will create your most comprehensive and unique treatment plan.

For our returning patients, we keep our Botox® price low so that we can encourage you to get the right amount of units you need – and to get treatments regularly. If you decide to undertreat with Botox®, you may not be happy with your results. For most people, Botox® lasts 3 months, and you can tell it is starting to “wear off” when you have movement in the treated areas again.

It sometimes takes a return “touch-up” visit to get your perfect dosing down with Botox®, and we encourage our first-time patients to follow up with us regarding their results. Do keep in mind that Botox® takes between 5-7 days to fully “kick-in” and it may take affect a bit unevenly at first – so it is important to be a little bit patient.

We believe in fair pricing – and in passing along the savings we get for being one of the top 5 buyers of Botox® in Colorado. We use about 4-5 – 100 unit vials of Botox® per day, and we constitute them the day of. Botox® comes in a powder form that must be refrigerated and then is “reconstituted” with baceteriostatic saline prior to injection.

Dr. Janowski is one of the top Botox® injectors in the US – and has been injecting daily for 12+ years.

Our passion in life is helping you Live Confidently – and for many, the effects of Botox® make them feel younger, more beautiful, less “angry”, and more confident. We are so happy to offer that valuable service to you – all under the medically trained hand of Dr. Janowski.

We offer many more anti-aging treatment options than just Botox® – and Dr. Janowski is nationally recognized as a top filler injector. Fillers are his favorite option for helping people feel more beautiful and recapturing their natural beauty.

We are proud to offer the highest quality aesthetic services, fair pricing, and the best physician injector!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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