Some of the many male patients that we see are a little embarrassed to be in our office – but, there is no need! We see hundreds of men each year – and all men (just like all woman), deserve to live confidently. If you think about it, you are probably already actively engaged in anti-aging activities. Just think of the pullups, pushups and sit-ups you (try to) do on a regular basis… Looking good, and feeling good are your right!

Yes, a man wants something different when tries not to look to old – he wants a defined jaw and a strong brow (that’s based on data). Also, it’s kind of a mixed message – there’s definitely something attractive about looking a little older that seems to hold true more for men than for women. Think of salt and pepper hair –  it might be hot on a guy but just not thought of the same way for women. Thinning hair on the other hand is a nightmare scenario for most men, but not something most women worry too much about…

Take a close look at Brad Pitt. He’s 52!  A British tabloid exclaimed earlier this year “Twitter erupts as Brad Pitt, 52, confuses fans with his remarkably ageless and fresh-faced appearance at the Golden Globes.” Male movie starts are definitely hot and definitely manly, and almost definitely getting a little “work” done…

Where to start? Laser Hair Reduction is probably the most common first aesthetic treatment men go for. It’s a quick, zero downtime, minimal discomfort procedure (that’s why it’s called a “lunchtime” treatment). And the effects are noticeable within weeks – much much less hair in the areas it’s not wanted, especially back of neck, back, chest, arms and even legs.

Next up? Men are increasingly using Botox® to refine and define the face. Another area you wouldn’t necessarily think of, but where there is a huge impact, is filler under the eyes. Immediately you look younger, but anyone is hard pressed to guess exactly what changed….Basically, you’ll finally look well rested!

Dr. Janowski has been treating men for over 12 years. He knows how men’s skin is different from women’s. Most importantly, he knows how to keep men looking rugged, handsome and yes “youthful”, even as they age.


*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / August 24, 2016 / Mens Spa Services