Men usually come to us hoping to reduce the amount of hair on their back, or backside or neck or arms or abs. It is true that with less body hair men tend to look cleaner and more defined. It is understandable laser hair reduction is the 2nd most popular minimally-invasive aesthetic treatment for men. (Believe it or not, more men get Botox® than laser hair reduction). Think of how much more confident you will feel without hair on your back, buttock, back of your neck, or dealing with unsightly ingrown hairs on your neck.

With a few (usually 4 to 6) lunchtime treatments, your unwanted body hair can be greatly reduced, improving your shape and definition not to mention boosting your self-image. Laser Hair Reduction treatments are always done as a series (of about 6) because your hair grows in cycles – so all of the hair you see now is not all of the hair you have. By doing treatments as a series – you will reduce all of your body hair.

At Sonata we use the LightSheer Duet and specialize in treating men

The LightSheer Duet is state of the art for laser hair reduction and best in class technology. Lightsheer Duet allows for larger treatment areas and is up to five times faster than other technology we reviewed. Also, there is no need for numbing cream or any special pre-treatment regime. Therefore, the  “lunch-hour treatment” time is often even less than an hour.

Before you come

Lasers work best when there’s contrast, such as black hair follicle against white skin. Therefore, the technology will work best if you are not too tan and it doesn’t work especially well on white or grey hair. Our staff can take a peek at you prior to your treatments and let you know if the treatment will work well for your hair and skin type.

Also, you should definitely shave the treatment area right before your visit – the less visible hair you have the better.

Your visit

Wow, that was fast… Depending on the area(s) you are treating, we’ll do our best to have you in and out in under an hour. In general, treatment areas take only 20 to 30 minutes. Most patients report minimal pain, comparing it to a warm buzz or pinch feeling.

Try a two-fer! We can combine your lunch hour laser hair reduction with a Botox® treatment. When you call to set up your visit, see if the Dr. Janowski might be able to see you at the same time.


The treated area can feel sensitive for a few days. Of course you can continue with your normal activities, just be sure to really lather on the sunscreen (good advice any time in our sunny clime).

Because hair growth takes place over time, follow up treatments are needed. In each visit, we get more follicles. So it usually takes three to six visit spaced about six weeks apart to ensure every follicle is treated. Once you’ve completed your series, you will need periodic maintenance treatments once you start to see any hairs reappear.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed with the results. While some hair may grow back, there will be less of it and it will be much finer.

Men choose Sonata because we respect that men’s needs are different.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / August 24, 2016 / Med Spa