Due to very high patient demand (i.e. you’ve been asking us everyday for years!), we are introducing Laser Hair Removal in our Broomfield, Colorado office! We agree – permanent facial and body hair removal helps us look our very best – from head to toe. We’ve spent months investigating the best device and have settled on the Lightsheer Duet. There are many technical reasons we prefer this device. From a patient point-of-view, it is great to know it currently has a 100% “worth it” rating from RealSelf (the community-driven online aesthetic information and rating service).

How it works:

The device beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the light and heat, deactivating the follicle and inhibiting its ability to produce hair. The laser will work on almost all hair tones – except very fair hair, which does not have enough pigment to absorb the light from the laser.

Treatment areas:

The laser works best on dark hair. Usual treatment areas include: upper lip, under arms, bikini, legs, back and arms, but can be done all over the body. The amount of time it takes depends on the size of the treatment area. For example, permanently removing hair from the upper lip can take as little as a couple of minutes while treating a full leg or the back can take as long as 25 or 30 minutes.

What to expect:

Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments, usually about 6 treatments done six weeks apart. This is because the laser works best when hairs are in an early growth stage. Unfortunately, not all hairs are not in this phase at the same time, which means some hairs are dormant while others have “popped”. To catch all hairs in an area, you have to treat the same area over multiple sessions.

Laser Hair Removal isn’t permanent, and you WILL need some touch up treatments over time, as hairs “break through”, however you can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the amount of hair in a treated area.

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?

One of the reasons we chose the Lightsheer Duet is because patients report little or no pain. It’s also very quick – which makes the treatment more tolerable. Everyone’s pain threshold and level of feeling is different. Some report a light snapping feeling, similar to the feeling you have with an IPL Photofacial. We do offer numbing cream that you can take home in advance of your treatments – or you can “numb up” in the office, though most patients don’t need to numb.

We are thrilled to be offering our clients the very best treatment available for permanent hair removal. At your next visit, let’s talk about whether adding a few hair removal treatment to your beauty routine is right for you!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / June 7, 2016 / Laser Rejuvenation, Med Spa