Visia and Sonata AestheticsHere at Sonata in Broomfield, Colorado, we can’t wait to treat you to our latest technologyVisia analyzes eight aspects of your skin and lets you know how you compare with others of your same age and gender. We’ve invested in this wonderful technology because it’s so important to us to 1) treat your whole face and 2) have objective benchmarks for how much more youthful you are becoming as you remain a valued client.

Visia goes beyond looking at just wrinkles and also analyses skin texture, pore size, UV spots, brown spots and red areas. For us at Sonata, treating your whole face means doing even more than Botox® and fillers to help you look your best. Yes, yes Botox® and fillers are a key first step and almost instantly take the years off. However, the texture, tone and evenness of your complexion are also vital to beautiful youthful skin.

Be forewarned, your first go with Visia can feel a little disappointing. Especially here in Colorado, where damaging sun exposure is nearly universal, it can be a tad disheartening to learn that your skin’s age is higher than your actual age (a common first-time Visia experience). Yet, we value Visia for its oh so dispassionate benchmarking. We’ll take the data from your first Visia experience and use it to formulate a skin care plan just for you on your schedule and for your budget. And, we’ll bring you back to Visia after a few months and then after a year and as often as you like. You’ll see firsthand and objectively in eight key areas how much more youthful you’re becoming and that will feel wonderful.

Please come in for your first free Visia consult today. Our commitment to your beauty is ongoing and we can’t wait to see you and share with you our latest technology. All current patients are welcome to schedule a complimentary Visia skin analysis. Give us a call today at 303-469-0064.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / May 8, 2015 / Skin Care Tips