by Lawrence Janowski, MD

sculptra in denverThe two longest lasting fillers on the US market are Bellafill and Sculptra.  They are also called collagen-stimulating fillers, because the induce the growth of new collagen formation at the site of injection.  This leads to very long lasting results, typically 3-5 years, as the new collagen that has been formed remains in place.

This newly generated collagen has the added benefit of improving your skin tone and quality. Most users see more youthful looking skin due to the improved blood flow to the dermis.

These two products work well together, as they are ideal for different facial areas, and are great in combination.

Sculptra is best for deep volume loss areas, such as cheeks, temples and jawline. These are areas of the face where patients have lost fullness, fat pads have shrunk down, and bone has been reabsorbed. Many patients don’t consider how sunken temples, or hollowness in the jaw can age the face. These areas can be easily corrected with Sculptra. Sculptra can also list the brow when injected under the eyebrow – which can correct asymmetry in the brow – and lift the overall appearance of the eye.

Bellafill is great for areas around the mouth, under the eyes, and between the brows. Bellafill is a finer paintbrush – which allows for the correction of more superficial lines. Bellafill is also great for filling in scars – and straightening the nose. Non-surgical nose correction such as this can really improve the overall look of your face, and allow you to love your profile! Another great area for Bellafill use is to raise the corners of the mouth – which can turn that frown we all get with age into a more youthful, neutral smile.

The only place that these long-term fillers cannot be used is in the lips themselves. For those areas, we love Restalyne Silk for shaping the mouth or Juvederm for adding volume.

Used together, Bellafill and Sculptra can be combined to create a long-lasting, natural result that actually get better with time. You can tackle almost any volume loss and deliver natural, beautiful results.*

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*Results may vary from patient to patient based on program compliance and patient’s own commitment level

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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