At Sonata, we have the beautiful opportunity to really SEE the constant interaction between one’s inner life and one’s own outer self-perception. I think we are all aware that there is definitely an interplay between how you feel and how you see yourself. And our interior life impacts the way we see ourselves in the mirror.
When you are having one of those self-hating, sad, or angry days – it can often bleed over in to how you see your self-reflection. On the other hand, when you are flying high, feeling confident and at peace, you can see that glow when you catch your self in the mirror.

All the work in the world on our outer selves can’t fix inner pain. I think most of us are aware of that. And when we see people in our office who are using our services to bandaid over inner pain, we offer them as much love and kindness as we can. We know having fewer wrinkles or clearer skin won’t heal deep emotional wounds, but our loving care just might give you a safe place to land for a while.

Inner work is the journey of each of our lives, and we love meeting you where you are at and encouraging you to shine your light far and wide.

What has been so interesting for me is that your outer appearance also impacts your inner life. I was explaining it to a new friend yesterday: what we want at Sonata is to allow your outer self to match what you feel on the inside, so that it isn’t a distraction from the work that you were put on earth to do.

I think when we are being really honest with ourselves, no matter how spiritually evolved or self-less we are, when we are pre-occuppied with something we don’t like about our appearance – it is a distraction from radiating our light.

What I want, for each of our clients, is to help them feel satisfied and beautiful with their outer appearance. I want to take away this pain, distraction and concern – so that you can focus on being your best you.

It can sound totally superficial to focus on how clear or wrinkle-free your skin is, but what I want is for you to catch your reflection in the mirror, file it away as “I look good today” and move on with sharing your gifts with the world.

I will share three examples of how an outer adjustment can help you better align with your own highest spiritual good.


I met Annie at a meditation retreat. She shared about her life work and the love she shares with so many each day. I was so impressed by Annie’s exuberant spirit. Annie just shined! Annie also had terrible, years-old acne scars on her cheeks and chin. At the end of the workshop, I was chatting with Annie, and she mentioned something about her skin. Her sunny demeanor dimmed when referencing her face. I don’t always feel comfortable making treatment recommendations to people but I felt called to tell Annie that there were many things that Dr. Janowski and our team could do to soften and fade those old, painful scars. Annie started to tear up. She told me how much those scars bothered her, how often she thought about them, and how much they distracted her from the healing work she was being called to do. Annie came to see us a few times, and over the course of a few months, we softened her scars. I just saw her last week, and she told me how radiant and amazing she was feeling – and how much less time she spent thinking about her scars. Now, she was focusing more on doing her good work – and her increased confidence made it easier for her to meet new people and share her gifts. That’s the kind of stuff we live for.


I met Caroline through our children. She is a brilliant psychiatrist and a loving Mom. She loves to exercise and is brave enough to try almost anything. Caroline was also in the middle of an ugly divorce. Her ex made her feel small and afraid. This definitely took a toll on her self-esteem. Caroline is a naturally-beautiful person going through a rough time – stressed and often sleepless. We were able to give her some filler to soften her thin face, peels to improve her skin tone, and some loving kindness to help her feel as beautiful as she really is. When I see Caroline now, she glows. She easily looks 10 years younger and is on her way to getting her life back on track. She says she sees a beautiful and strong woman in the mirror and it gives her the strength to tackle her new life. That’s makes our heart soar.


Dina is one one of our younger clients, but she is an old soul. She is a award-winning, international traveling soccer star. She is strong and amazing. She is basically the embodiment of girl power.

However, she came to us because she has a bump on her nose that just really bothered her. When she took selfies with her many friends, she would go to great lengths to hide the bump, sometimes cropping herself out of photos or putting a sticker over her nose. She spent a lot of time thinking about her nose – and it was a distraction from the miraculous and strong girl that she is.

Non-surgical nose jobs are one of our easiest and most effective procedures. With a little filler, Dr. Janowski can often straighten, slim, or correct concerns with your nose’s appearance. Some nose issues do require surgery, but for many, the non-surgical nose job with Dr. Janowski can correct the concern. In about 10 minutes, Dr. Janowski was able to straighten Dina’s nose – and she started to cry. Now she sends us photos of her out with her friends looking happy and confident – no retouching needed. Dina tells us she doesn’t think much about her nose anymore – and wow, we are so joyful! She can now focus on the amazing athlete and friend that she really is.

Stories like these are why our work at Sonata is really a heart-mission. We can give you kindness and acceptance. We can give you a soft place to land and a warm place to rest for a few minutes. But more than that, we can give you freedom from the worry and concern that has been holding you back.
We can’t do your inner work for you – but we can help you look in the mirror and feel like “hey, I like what I see” – and hopefully that confidence let’s you go back to doing the amazing work you were put on this planet to do.

I call this Embodied Sovereignty. It is about claiming your body and your face. I like to say that we are here to help you reclaim your face, then your body, and then the world. Sovereignty is standing in your own truth, owning your own life – and there are so many beautiful teachings out there to help you do just this – from religion to psychotherapy to mindfulness – and we encourage and support you to find your own path to self-fulfillment.

I like to add the embodiment piece because I think it is one we can sometimes forget about. We have been given the body and face that we have. And we experience the world through our gender. I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to own that. Claim it. It’s your body. It’s your face. It’s yours to own, to have, to experience, and to express in any way you see fit.

Radiance does come from within, but I think we are fooling ourselves to think that we don’t experience it through our body and our face as well – and that how we feel about our body and our face influences how we feel about our essence.

We have so many tools that you can use to look just the way you want to – and our providers use them with discretion and skill – so that you can look “natural” and just as you were meant to be. You don’t have to use any of these tools – or you can use all of them. We just want you to know that they are there for the taking. And that we can be part of your “squad” on your journey to empowerment.

We want you to live confidently, just as we want to live confidently ourselves – and to be able to share our gifts, our light, and our joy with you.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / November 6, 2017 / Med Spa