Twenty athletes who competed in the 2016 Rio games call Colorado home. While most of us who reside on the Front Range may not be medal material, we are a very very athletic bunch. Almost sixty percent of Coloradans reported exercising “frequently,” which puts the state in the top five for “most athletic.”

The effort we put into our bodies pays off. According to one study, Colorado has the lowest rates of obesity and diabetes in the entire US! As any of us who regularly exercise know, there are also incredible psychological benefits. After you’ve run ten miles (no matte your pace) or met your goal for a heavy lift, you feel amazing and like you could conquer the world…

Yet, ironically, even as we finesse our six-pack in the gym and track miles on the trails, for men and women alike, our physical fitness can take a toll on our looks. And this damage tends to have an opposite psychological effect in our looks-driven, youth oriented culture.

There are really two main culprits causing athletes to look older than they feel, and worst of all, often older than they actually are – low body fat and sun damage.

Don’t get us wrong, low body fat is really great for your health. But the reality is fat loss on the face results in looking older and more tired than you really are (or feel). Restoring youthful and natural plumpness to the upper cheeks, jawline, fore-head and around the eyes is one of Dr. Janowski’s specialties.

Usually using a combination of Sculptra and fillers, Dr. Janowski remarkably restores vitality and youthfulness, creating a natural look that truly compliments a fit physique. What’s best is Dr. Janowski specializes in creating a natural look for men and women. Nope, we don’t look like we “get work done.” We just look great! For many athletes, a well-rested and vibrant look actually reinforces how they great already feel about themselves.

As for sun-damage, there is a number of remarkable zero or low downtime treatments available addressing skin quality, coloration and fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, addressing skin quality is important for anyone, but it is especially important for athletes who tend to subject themselves more than average to the sun’s damaging rays, and have often done so since youth!

For improving skin quality and evening out color, a great place to start is a chemical peel and/or IPL with Laurel Glenn our aesthetician. Also, facial skin tightening results with Ultherapy have been phenomenal.

For us at Sonata, the most important thing is that you look as good as you feel. When you work so hard to keep your body in top physical condition, you deserve to look as beautiful and amazing as you feel.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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