Are You Glowing or is it just your Halo? 

NewBeauty voted the Halo the “Most Effective Laser for Glowing Skin.”

What makes the Halo so uniquely awesome is threefold:

  1. It’s a quick procedure. About thirty minutes is all it takes to reap amazing and long-lasting benefits,
  2. It is completely customizable, addressing each patient’s unique pigmentation, tone and texture. This means optimal results for YOU and your specific skin needs, and
  3. The combination of two laser wavelengths – ablative and nonablative – helps target both superficial and deep-layer skin and helps speed the healing process.

Come see for yourself why NewBeauty editors and readers alike rave about the Halo. When we first saw this technology, we too were really impressed (and we see a lot). It is truly “best-in-class” for significantly improving skin quality.

This holiday season consider treating yourself to beautiful, glowing and younger-looking skin.

There’s no greater feeling that turning the real clock forward another year, while the clock turns back on how beautiful you look – and feel.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / December 6, 2017 / Laser Rejuvenation