Fall and winter are such perfect times to focus on taking care of your skin. With less time outside in the harsh summer sun, treatments that pull up and remove pigment are especially good to do.

We have a range of treatments that can help you tackle and reduce pigment (dark spots, freckles, and age spots) on your skin.

From chemical peels, to IPL treatments, to the J Plasma treatment, we have options to meet the severity of your concern and the amount of downtime you might have.

For most clients, a good place to start is with an IPL. IPL (also called BBL) is a treatment that can be done once, or as part of a series. Bright flashes of light applied to the skin literally pull up pigment – often times pigment that you cannot see with the naked eye. This pigment will then darken, sometimes turning black, and then will flake off over the next several days.

We numb you topically for the treatment, and it is quick and tolerable. Your skin may feel hot post-treatment and you may swell moderately.

For most people, however, it is a no down time treatment.

Our clients love to do IPL treatments on not just their face, but also on their chest and arms. We often forget to put on sunscreen as frequently on chest and arms — and a tremendous amount of sun damage can accumulate here. Dark spots make us look older than we might like – and can cloud the radiance of our skin.

The attached two photos show an IPL spot treatment on an arm. Even though this patient did an IPL on her arms last year, a significant amount of pigment accumulated over the last 12 months. The first photo is immediately post-treatment and you can see some redness. The second photo was taken 5 days post-treatment and you can see the “coffee grounds” like appearance of the pigment – which has turned dark brown. This pigment will flake off. It is important that you do not exfoliate the skin and allow the pigment to flake off naturally.

Having a beautifully radiant face, neck, and chest can help you feel confident – and is also a great accessory for any winter events where you might want to wear a sleeveless or lower cut dress.

We are here to answer any questions that you might have – and to help you decide if IPL is the right treatment for you.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / October 25, 2017 / Laser Rejuvenation