I Hate My Neck!

Improvements for Your Neck and Jawline

Besides maybe the easily curable frowny-face, nothing makes us look older than our saggy necks and jawlines. Many of us have inherited a jawline that – left untreated – just won’t age well. For most of us, it’s simply genetics. Watching our parents age, we can see how it’s only going to get droopier and less defined as we get older… Ug, not a pretty picture.

Perk up! Now, thanks to Dr. Janowski and modern science, there’s a range of options for keeping our jawlines sharp, youthful and beautiful.


Can you believe it – besides getting rid of our frowny-face, Dysport can beautifully reshape the jawline.

As we age, our chewing muscles – technically called masseter muscles – become more pronounced. By injecting Dysport into these muscles – over time – you can actually naturally and beautifully slim your face, giving the jawline a noticeably more refined sharp look.


A young face has a “triangle of youth” meaning it is broadest at the cheeks just under the eyes and narrower at the chin. Just as Dysport can help achieve a narrow look at the chin/jaw line, adding fullness to the cheeks – with filler – actually helps lift the jowls. Fillers create an especially naturally looking youthful “lifted” face and helps restore the “triangle of youth.”


The closest to a surgical jaw-lift, but with just a few hours downtime, threads are a super-popular way to instantly improve the jawline and jowls. Popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow, threads immediately tightening loose and crepey skin. Under the surface, threads grab hold and re-suspend skin into a more youthful position. Lasting about six months, threads have many of the benefits of a jaw lift, but with basically no downtime.

Precision Micro-Surgical Neck Lift

This is absolutely the Cadillac of neck and jawline improvement. Combining laser skin tightening and liposuction, the Precision treatment literally removes the fat and tightens neck skin, all in one go. With the downside of a little downtime, the upside is that a Precision Micro-Surgical Neck Lift last for…years and years. While the procedure takes just a couple of hours, you enjoy a more youthful jawline for 10 years or even longer.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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