I hate my neck

I Hate My Neck! Improvements for Your Neck and Jawline Besides maybe the easily curable frowny-face, nothing makes us look older than our saggy necks and jawlines. Many of us have inherited a jawline that – left untreated – just won’t age well. For most of us, it’s simply genetics. Watching our parents age, we

Reshaping your nose – without surgery!

What to expect from your non-surgical nose job at Sonata Aesthetics One of our most popular services at Sonata Aesthetics is the non-surgical nose job. A non-surgical nose job is a great alternative to traditional rhinoplasty because optimal correction can be achieved at a fraction of the cost without the risks, pain and recovery of

What is a Cold Plasma Non-Surgical Facelift?

Cold plasma, sometimes called non­thermal plasma, is one of the newest cutting edge medical concepts, but what is it? Plasma is not a thing. Plasma is a state of matter (as you may remember from physics classes taken long ago.) Along with liquids, solids and gases, it is one of four states of matter that

Finally! A technology that works to tighten your neck and jowls

We’ve found the best solution for a tighter neck… We’ve searched high and low for a technology to effectively treat one of our patient’s number one “trouble” areas, the neck. Technologies that treat through the skin, like Ultherapy proved to be painful and not as effective as we had hoped. Kybella, the injectable that kills

J-Plasma: The Amazing and Life Changing Reset Button for Your Skin

We are always innovating!  We are introducing J-Plasma, or as Dr. Janowski like to call it, the Reset Button for your skin – an amazing new full-face resurfacing and tightening technology for our 50+ patients.  Fo either targeting specific aging areas, or undertaken as a single facelift-like procedure, J-Plasma: Repairs sun damaged skin Reduces facial scarring

PDO Threadlifting: The New Frontier

by Lawrence Janowski, MD I am enthusiastic about the new thread-lifting technology now available, and having been one of the first physicians trained on this procedure in Colorado, I have been using this technology with great success. The procedure is called Silhouette thread-lifting, and it is poised to change non-surgical facelifting in a significant way. A Silhouette

PDO Threads: An interview with a patient

I recently had a chance to catch up with one of our lucky clients who got the chance spend some time Dr. Janowski when Dr. Rajani  came to our offices on April 8. The main treatment she underwent was the insertion of four Silhouette threads on each side of her forehead just over her brows. The purpose

Lifting the midface = Wow!

by Liz Janowski, CEO Multiple times a day – whether out and about, or in our office – we see someone who would look better with a little mid-face volume. Especially in a place as fit and active as Colorado, we often see patients whose faces have hollowed or flattened because they are so thin

The Instant-Lift with Threads is here!

(And Dr. Janowski will be the new national trainer on this amazing aesthetic advancement!)  A beautiful healthy face has a  natural ”V-shape.” With aging, gravity pushes down this naturally youthful shape, especially as our jowls and jawline begins to droop. Fortunately, a new therapy has been FDA-approved that especially address the aging jawline, an area fillers