We are always innovating!  We are introducing J-Plasma, or as Dr. Janowski like to call it, the Reset Button for your skin – an amazing new full-face resurfacing and tightening technology for our 50+ patients.  Fo either targeting specific aging areas, or undertaken as a single facelift-like procedure, J-Plasma:

  • Repairs sun damaged skin
  • Reduces facial scarring
  • Eliminates lip lines
  • Smooths and tightens upper and lower eyelids
  • Reduces lower eyelid bags
  • Tightens the skin with often 4 cm or more of skin contraction over a 1 year period

How It Works

Basically, our latest offering provides the same benefits as a full facelift, but without going under the knife.  We have been so impressed with the remarkable results!  And we know surgeons who themselves have stopped performing face lifts and eyelid surgeries in favor of the amazing J-Plasma procedure. Why would a surgeon not want to perform surgery you ask? Well, besides the known risks when one undergoes anesthesia, J-Plasma can give you what a surgical procedure cannot. When, for example, one does a facelift, you are still pulling your same discolored or poor quality skin back. So, it is as if you are ironing a bed sheet, but the sheet is still dirty. Facelifts can also only do so much pulling because there are only a few incision points. Additionally, sometimes a facelift can make your face look too thin and hollow.

J-Plasma avoids all of these issues. It is done with a patient is awake, using locally injected anesthetic only. It totally resurfaces the skin, literally wiping away a lifetime of skin damage. And it contracts the skin, smoothing away facial wrinkles and pulling up the skin, so a patient can look like they’ve actually added volume back in to their face.

The maker of the J-Plasma device, Bovie has a long history of proven medical device production. Using cold energy, J-Plasma “turns back the hands of time.” It’s a pretty amazing technology. We’ve been doing fractional laser resurfacing treatments for 10 years, and this technology is not only different than that (because it uses plasma and not heat) but much more impactful. The results are just so much better than a fractional laser treatment. Additionally, you cannot burn someone with J-Plasma, as the device “paints” the face but only penetrates the skin by a max depth of 4 microns. This means you get a resurfacing safely and without the risks of a laser treatment.

There is a caveat – unlike many of our recently introduced procedures, the Platinum Plasma, does have some downtime involved – although much less compared with a typical facelift.

Patients note that the recovery, while pretty significant, is not painful. Rather, your skin sloughs off, revealing a whole new you…the you of 20 years ago! Results last 10 years or more with proper skin care and aggressive sun protection.

This FDA cleared technology is truly remarkable! Yet, because of its dramatic and quick effects, we recommend the procedure for patients who are seeking the benefits of a facelift and are ready for a transformative experience.

Believe it or not, despite its long-lasting and transformative effects, the J-Plasma procedure itself takes just 30 to 45 minutes! Dr. Janowski will literally wipe away the years – that is those damaged top layers of skin.  After your recovery period, you will emerge with new, smooth, resurfaced and tighter skin. Your skin, being “new”, will have a pinkish appearance, sometimes for a couple months afterwards, but the pink tone can usually be easily covered with makeup.

You won’t believe the years that have been taken off your face. The best preparation advice we can offer? Get yourself ready to finally look as young as you feel!


*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / October 25, 2016 / Facelift