by Liz Janowski, CEO

Multiple times a day – whether out and about, or in our office – we see someone who would look better with a little mid-face volume. Especially in a place as fit and active as Colorado, we often see patients whose faces have hollowed or flattened because they are so thin and athletic- making them appear older and less radiant than they really are.

We all lose volume in our faces as we age. Collagen breaks down, fat pads under the skin shrink, and bone in the face is absorbed. For millennia, the ideal and beautiful, youthful face is one that has a diamond or heart-like shape. This shape is achieved by having lift in the mid-face and defined cheekbones – as well as a firm jawline. When watching TV or looking at magazines, try noticing who has defined cheekbones – and if you think they look beautiful and youthful.

You can google hundreds “make-up” tutorials that will explain in detail how to attempt to achieve this defined mid-face look with techniques like contouring, something the Kardashians have made famous.

Fillers, placed by an expert physician like Dr. Janowski, can also help you achieve your most proportionate and beautiful face. And the results last a lot longer than makeup! The idea isn’t to make everyone look the same – but to help enhance your most beautiful features.

For most people, mid-face voluminization is the place to start. It’s amazing to see how by defining the cheekbones you can also lift the jowls or soften the look of under-eye circles. Lifting the midface can give you back that youthful, proportionate face that you once had.

The old logic with filler was to “chase a line” – filling in lines, like those parenthesis lines around the mouth. Very skilled physician injectors have come to a new understanding that lifting the midface can often smooth lines – but moreover, enhances beauty. What makes a face appear healthy and youthful isn’t just lack of lines — it is lift and proportion.

You want to work with someone who has a deep knowledge of beauty, facial anatomy, and the wide range of fillers to get your most naturally beautiful results. Fillers are laid in differing planes in the skin – and you want to work with someone who understand this 3D view of your face. We regularly use 10 types of fillers, each with its own best usage- which allows Dr. Janowski to give you your most natural result.

We often look at ourselves in the mirror head on – but the majority of the time – others see us at an angle. And it is the angles that define our face. Try turning your face slightly to the side and notice if and how your cheeks are defined. You may want to ask yourself: is your face is heavier on the bottom and more square-like than it used to be? Has your face flattened and your cheeks hollowed? If so, you may be a great candidate for mid-face voluminization.

Many patients tell us that once they lift their midface, they feel a return to their most youthfully beautiful appearance. I know that personally I am IN LOVE with my more defined cheek bones. As a thin person, my face flattened over time – and by using just a little filler to naturally lift my mid-face, my face has a more beautiful shape. None of my friends really noticed exactly what I had done – but many have commented that I look younger, happier, and more confident.

And that’s what we are all about — helping you Live Confidently!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / April 22, 2016 / Facelift, Filler