On Friday, December 9th, Sonata hosted an event launching our two newest, micro-surgical procedures. We hosted over 40 lovely ladies for a lunch and learn, and were able to show off the results from our very first J-Plasma patient, Karyn, now 3 months post-procedure.

(You can hear her share her story in the video below.)

J-Plasma is an amazing new technology that uses cold-plasma to resurface the skin, completely removing the top 4 microns of your skin tissue and then tightening your skin, sometimes by up to several inches. It’s the only procedure, surgical or non-surgical, that can give you total skin rejuvenation, remove sun damage,etc., AND skin contraction. It can go head to head with a surgical facelift, with better results, less risk, and less downtime. It is an amazingly effective and life-changing treatment. You will have some down time where your skin is recovering/re-epithelializing, but the results are worth the recovery.

dr janowski gives training on j plasma non surgical neck liftWe also talked about the Precision Micro-Surgical Neck Lift, which uses a small probe inserted UNDER the skin to heat fat and tissue. Fat is dissolved and can be removed by Dr. Janowski. Tissue is contracted from within, making it much more effective and precise than technologies that attempt to tighten by driving heat through the skin. Unlike Kybella, which does dissolve fat, but is not as precise, the neck lift is a one-time treatment, with only one recovery. Most patients need Kybella in a series of 3-4 treatment sessions, with 3-4 recovery perioda. Kybella also treats fat only under the chin. Precision can treat all over the neck and lower face.

With this treatment, Dr. Janowski can use his medical eye to give you exactly the results you need in this tough to treat neck and jowls area.

We are so excited to share both of these technologies with you. They represent a new direction in our practice. While we still offer only non-surgical options, we love being able to provide more advanced and more EFFECTIVE treatments for all of your anti-aging concerns.

It was also amazing to spend the day with some of our beautiful patients. We are always so grateful for the long-time support of so many of you!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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