Did you know that when someone looks at a smiling face, they guess that age of that person as younger than they actually are?

In a study, participants looked at more than 2,000 face photos. Each photo showed either an angry, fearful, disgusted, happy, sad, and neutral expression.

Facial expressions had a huge effect on the accuracy of age estimates. Participants most accurately gauged the age of neutral faces – those having no particular expression.

However, the age of happy or smiling faces was most likely to be underestimated by an average of two years.

Yep, according to the study, a simple smile can knock two years off how old you look.

Interestingly, another more recent study found that a smile – without the associated wrinkles around the eyes and mouth – was the most “attractive” look.

Well, that is exactly what we can help you achieve!

We know we can get you smiling – and for so many great reasons.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / February 15, 2018 / Med Spa