It is such a tremendous honor to serve so many of you. From microdermabrasion to surgical liposuction, it is our pleasure to meet so many of you where you are at – and to help you live more confidently.

We just love serving you. We wanted to share just a small handful of the love notes we have received lately from our amazing patients.

  • Thank you for letting us be a part of your life.
  • Sonata always makes me look and feel MUY BONITA!
  • Thank you for making me look and feel young again!
  • Love me Sonata! So excited to try out the new lash services!
  • I was very nervous about having anyone touch my scar or my face, but very happy I had Dr J use his expertise and artistic bent to create a more natural appearance using filler!
  • Thank you for the services … always a pleasure!
  • It’s always a pleasure to come in for my treatments due to your friendly and knowledgeable staff. I look forward to my visits every time.
  • Sonata is amazing. Dr. Janowski work wonders!
  • This is the most amazing spa I have ever been to. The girls as SO friendly and greet you with open arms. Dr. Janowski is very professional. Love, Love, Love!

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