– By Liz Janowski

Three weeks ago, I took the leap and had a DOT Laser treatment. The DOT Laser is a technology we have used for several years now, and I had seen the amazing results our patients had received — from incredible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles to unbelievable evenness in skin tone.

I was hoping to reduce pigmentation and undo years of sun damage. I had spent too much of my childhood and teen years not wearing enough sunscreen – and it showed in dark spots on my cheeks and forehead.

Dr. Janowski and I decided on a lighter laser treatment. The laser is an incredibly flexible device – and the doctor can vary the treatment energy. Higher energy is better for lines, wrinkles, and deep sun damage. The lighter treatment is perfect for someone younger, like me – seeking a more even skin tone.

While I knew all of the benefits of the DOT Laser, I was hesitant to undergo treatment because I knew the recovery time was 7-10 days of redness and peeling. I just didn’t have the time to be “out of commission” for that long. The light laser treatment promised a shorter recovery time – meaning I could get back to work sooner.

Before the DOT:

 If you look closely at this (rather embarrassing, make-up less) photo, you can see a profusion of freckles and dark spots on my forehead and cheeks – as well as enlarged pores on my nose.

It is not all a function of sun damage, some of my discoloration is just plain-old genetics. I was hoping the DOT Laser could help correct some of this discoloration.

So, on August 15, 2012, I sat down in the procedure chair to get my treatment. The treatment itself is a one-time session of about 20 minutes. There is definitely some discomfort, but nothing I couldn’t handle – and trust me – I am a wimp! Because Dr. Janowski is also my husband, I definitely have a license to complain! But the treatment was quick and tolerable.

After the procedure:

 This embarassing picture was taken immediately after the procedure. You can see my face is red – and covered in a thick moisturizer. Moisturizer is definitely the key after the procedure – and I came to depend on Aquaphor and Sanitas Moisture Mist spray. I may look a bit scary, but I felt just fine.

Two Days Later:

The day after the procedure, my skin was red – like a light sunburn. People kept asking me if I just returned from the beach! It was a challenge for me to keep my skin moisturized – especially in dry Colorado. I started drinking Coconut water, which is full of electrolytes – and it seemed to help my skin recover more quickly. I couldn’t miss work – so I was right back in the office the day after the procedure.

Around day 5, my skin began to peel off – much like it does after a sunburn. The peeling was annoying and itchy – but not very noticeable to others. It was all I could do to not scratch at my skin – so I carried my Moisture Mist and sprayed myself everytime I had the urge to pick!

Because your skin is renewing, at this stage, a few tiny breakouts are common. It was annoying but it did clear up quickly.

Day 10:

 The peeling stopped around day 7, and what I discovered underneath was just what I wanted – a brighter, more even skin tone. As a bonus, the pores on my nose shrunk in size. The best part is, I feel like I need to wear far less makeup to cover up my uneven skin. In fact, I am going foundation and powder free these days.

I am glad I took the plunge and had the treatment done. I undid years of sun damage – and I feel like I have more radiant complexion.

If this is something you are interested in, we offer the DOT Laser Peel for $995. Half the recovery time and half the price. And I am happy to answer any questions you might have!

My Before and After with the DOT Laser Peel: 



*Results may vary from patient to patient

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