We love giving back to deserving people in our community. Hannah is a new mom to a beautiful girl Stella, a single mom, and someone who has struggled with multiple acne scars for years.

She worked for years as a daycare teacher, taking care of other people’s babies – and giving love to the little ones in our community.

She has severe acne as a teenager that left her with many deep acne scars.

We treated her for free with Bellafill, a long term filler, to fill the scars – and will be giving her a series of plasma microneedling facials to soften the scar tissue.

Bellafill stimulates your own collagen to grow in as the filler – and is the only filler FDA approved to fill in certain kinds of acne scars. Microneedling, when done in a series, can break down and smooth the scar tissue that makes up acne scars. We like to use your own plasma with microneedling to encourage rapid healing and skin regeneration.

Helping people feel more confident is what we live for. It is a blessing to be able to treat sweet women in our community, like Hannah.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / June 29, 2017 / Med Spa